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Brief History

Hope is the granddaughter of the owner of Ling Industries and native of Cuba. While visiting Switzerland her family was murdered by the Phalanx, but she was protected by her mutant ability of immunity against infections. Imprisoned and experimented on by Mainspring research facility, she was later freed by and shortly allied with Warlock. She also is accompanied by her pet monkey, Chi-Chee. She is listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative however it is unclear whether she still retains her mutant powers.


Hope is immune to most viruses, even if this are genetic manipulator like the transmode virus. She naturally posses the ability to transmute the molecular composition and structure of solid matter. While she was recipient for the virus herself was not infected with it. And combine with her matter warping powers it formed into the ability to turned solid matter into inanimate technomatter, that can be turned into weapons.

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