Has the Hope story become stalled?

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With all the emphasis on Hope coming out of Second Coming and the 5 lights story it feels to me like the story is going nowhere. Yes it was Important that the there more mutants in the world, while the decimation has not been reversed there are more
mutants in the world, theoretically taking some of the pressure off the X-Men as there will be more mutants in the future, though Madrox and Layla's trip into the future during the Messiah Complex storyline showed mutants have a future in the Marvel 
universe as well. As I understood it the X-Men post second coming were suppose to get out from the bunker mentality that forced them to Utopia in the first place. This has not happened, instead they have been attacked by vampires, breakworld refugees,
the Neo, and Sublime mutant wannabees. The only change is the mutants are not being attacked by government sanctioned forces right now. Now I am not saying these recent stories were bad(mostly) but the mutant status quo has not changed which 
was what Hope was suppose to usher in. I understood Generation Hope to be a new beginning for mutants but it reads more like any other teen hero book. There are already quite a few young mutants that do not get enough attention as it is and now they 
have added more to the mix. Thats not to say these newly created mutants are not interesting but I think the mutant messiah story is getting sidetracked. I would like to see a refocusing of the story and more attention to Hopes greater purpose, which 
should be more significant than finding more mutants. I hope this is not another 'the 12' story that we have to wait years for a writer to pick up scattered plot threads for a payoff. 

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I think we need more appearances of Hope in X-Men : Legacy.

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Generation Hope is not cutting it for me anymore. I loved the character up until that series.

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I can see why the X-Editors would slow down the emphasis on the her as the 'messiah'. After all, she can't be the 'be all & end all' of the X-Men. However, she has taken a very startlingly quick exit form the limelight.

@The Dark Huntress said:

Generation Hope is not cutting it for me anymore. I loved the character up until that series.

Agreed 100%. Ever since she became the star of Uncanny X-Men Lite, she's become a snot-nosed brat. She is no longer the fiesty, independent soldier that Cable trained her to be. There's absolutely no reason why she should linger on Utopia or keep her little clique of hangers on.

The last time Hope was written well was in X-Men: Legacy. Unfortunately, I can't make Mike Carey write everything outside of X-Factor. Perhaps he & PAD can share writing duties? Divvy up the X-Title between them to focus on quality instead of quantity?

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@xerox-kitty It's disappointing to say the least. There was such potential for emotional character-driven stories with her. Watching her grow socially, watching her acclimate to the 21st century, watching her independence flourish as she discovered herself. Unfortunately, that opportunity had been squandered and she's become an irritable know it all brat. SMH.

Uncanny needs new life breathed into it. I'm not sure how I feel about Gillen yet, but I'm hoping they improve things with the relaunch.
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@Kairan1979: This may end up being the best thing for Hope. The self-entitled and bratty attitude is not (IMO) what the character was conceptualized to be.

If somebody's able to take some of Hope's thunder away, that may actually be a good thing and give her more time to focus on actually being a kid and adapting.

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@Kairan1979: Found this in an interview with Gillen :)

2) While on the subject of the Scarlet Witch, do the events of 'Children's Crusade' make Hope's presence somewhat tenuous if not unnecessary?
There's three more issues of "'Children's Crusade." I mean, seriously, don't count your mutant chickens. Rictor could explode next issue for all anyone knows.

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