Generation Hope - Five Lights worth reading?

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I've got a little extra cash at the moment and I saw a hard cover copy of Generation Hope: The Five Lights. I was wondering what you guys thought of it and if I should get it? What's the character development of Hope like and the artwork?

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You are going to get two drastic different opinions.

Some people hate the fact that the Lights even exist feeling that the Young X-Men should be getting more attention. This has made them a little bitter to the Lights and hate the book.

Other people like at least one or two of the lights a lot and read more for that character. They will tell you that you might want to get the trade if you are interested but avoid the single issues unless you really like the book.

In all honesty the first couple issues were a little slow. I think if you go in unbiased you could enjoy the book, if you are die hard New X-Men, you probably wont. I think the aim of the book is more for newer readers so it is an easy read and at times this can be boring. But otherwise the book is pretty well balanced for the characters, either getting an issue about there story or well balanced in the issue.

And you can always check out the official reviews for the issues or read the extensive wiki's to see if you like the characters or the story.

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