Gen Hope #12/X-Men Regenesis: The Best She's Been Written...

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...since Second Coming, IMO.

This is one of my absolute favorite Hope scenes to date and proves to me that there's so much more depth to her character than we usually see.

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#2 Posted by RainEffect (3376 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Dark Huntress: Whoah, did you see the shade of fire in Hope's eyes in that last scan?
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#3 Posted by Mercy_ (94571 posts) - - Show Bio

@RainEffect: I most certainly did. They've been alluding to the Phoenix with her for a very long time now.

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I think a scene that is reflective of all she has been through has more potential than scenes where she is just charging about giving orders.

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I agree. This scene gives a great insight to her.

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