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The story begins where typical versions of the tale end. Red discolves the Wolf under the guise of her grandmother, an axe-wielding Huntsman enters through the windo. Then the police arrive, arresting and interrogating all participants. But each of these unusual suspects has his/her own story to tell.

Red is employed by her grandmother, delivering Granny's delicacies through the forest area. Lately, a mysterious babdit has been stealing recipies from competitive food companies. Forcing small business after small business to close. Red was determined to move her Granny's recipies to a safer location. But she noted being approached by the Wolf, who asked her suspicious questions. Then claims that the Wolf was waiting for her at Granny's house, laying in ambush. She is convinced that he is the bandit.

The Wolf reveals that he is an investigative reporter. He suspected that Granny and Red were the bandits, seeking to take their competitors off the market. His "suspicious" questions were typical journalistic stuff. And his disguise was not part of an ambush. He was going undercover, hoping to squiz Red for information.

The Woodsman is not a woodsman at all. He is a struggling actor who practiced chopping trees for an upcoming role. One tree rolled after him and nearly crashed him. He simply searched for a way to avoid the danger and jumped through the window of a nearby house. He has no idea who the other people are, claiming that he did't use the axe to threaten them.

The supposedly sickly Granny reveals that she is an extreme sports enthusiast. She was attacked earlier in the day, but not by the Wolf. Her assailants were her rivals in a ski race, revealed to actually be agents of the bandit.

Their stories shed some light to their actions. But police and cleared suspects soon realize that each person had contact with the same missing suspect: Boingo the bunny. Whose activities remain unexplained. Making him the prime suspect for the recent crimewave.







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