Off My Mind: Are Homage Covers Inspired Art or Just a Cheap Gimmick?

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#51 Posted by maxicere (998 posts) - - Show Bio

Are great for me !! I love these covers

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#52 Posted by SC (17153 posts) - - Show Bio
@cosmo111687 said:
Don't think the Phoenix Endsong one is as much an homage as a tracing....
@xerox-kitty said:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
Some of them are gimmicky rubbish (like the cover to Ant #1) but a lot of them are quirky & fun.   
I still say the best Homage Covers are the NecroshaX-Force variants, which were all based on vampire-themed movie posters :)
That was the most awe inspiring thing ever! 
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#53 Posted by MoshinDMoe (13 posts) - - Show Bio

Everyone loves recognising homages, no?

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#54 Posted by Donovan Montgomery (5752 posts) - - Show Bio

Some are homage, some are humorous,  some feel cheap or lazy, then there are those that just could be done without. 
Out of the ones show, I could do without the zombie ones, they fit in the second half...but then I never liked that whole thing anyway :/

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#55 Posted by Omega Ray Jay (8418 posts) - - Show Bio

Everything in moderation.

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#56 Edited by sky-pirate (115 posts) - - Show Bio
You forgot this
And this (two years pre-COIE #7): 
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#57 Posted by AskaniSon295 (453 posts) - - Show Bio

It's what artists a Comic companies do when they can think of an original cover to entice browzers, some are great some are better than the original most are based on old greek art that has influenced pretty much all modern art in the western world.

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#58 Posted by Bestostero (5782 posts) - - Show Bio

Homage covers are awesome!  
I would think its a huge compliment if someone used one of your covers as inspiration for another.

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#59 Posted by the_tree (8608 posts) - - Show Bio

I only like it when  it makes sense, or they're trying to be funny.

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#60 Posted by spider-man 2996 (726 posts) - - Show Bio

I love homage covers!!
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#61 Posted by diabeticdamsel (51 posts) - - Show Bio

If they're done right I think they inspire a sense of nostalgia but that doesn't always mean I'm going to get them.  Its still fun to see though and I always get a little excited.

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#62 Posted by ssejllenrad (13095 posts) - - Show Bio

How about this?

No Caption Provided
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#63 Posted by Eyz (3187 posts) - - Show Bio
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#64 Posted by Fatal (2072 posts) - - Show Bio

When used sparingly and done well, homage covers can be really cool and fun to look at.

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#65 Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw (1693 posts) - - Show Bio

I love the Buffy cover based on the first action comics cover XD  But I totally agrre on what you say Tony !
@xerox-kitty said:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
Some of them are gimmicky rubbish (like the cover to Ant #1) but a lot of them are quirky & fun.   
I still say the best Homage Covers are the NecroshaX-Force variants, which were all based on vampire-themed movie posters :)

Agree !!!! I love the X-Force necrosha covers too ! especially the one that`s based on the Blade 3 poster :D
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#66 Edited by RareCheshire (192 posts) - - Show Bio

Homage covers are fun to spot! I really like them.

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#67 Posted by DKing_CiCADA (349 posts) - - Show Bio

I really don't have a problem with it some of them I enjoy  

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#68 Posted by KeepThisKoupon (16 posts) - - Show Bio

i guess the Deadpool ones make sense...cause you know, its deadpool

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#69 Posted by jordanbines (11 posts) - - Show Bio

Some are just cheap gimmicks, but some come out of real respect for art and key issues.

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#70 Posted by wherewolf00 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

From Italy... Leo Ortolani (also a real lover of Kirby's art) is the writer and penciler of a parodistic comic called Ratman, and often uses homage to various old school covers, here are some samples

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
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#71 Posted by GreenLantern1694 (5 posts) - - Show Bio

When Marvel do an homage to DC Comic or vice-versa, it's cool and make me remember what's the original is. So it's never useless and fun to spot them. Very often, they do it to change the image we have of the hero, like Spider-Man gaining the symbiote.

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#72 Posted by Migz13 (170 posts) - - Show Bio

Parodies of Iconic Comic Book covers I let pass. Those who copy with humor out of the context... is kinda iffy and cheap for me.

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#73 Posted by sweatboy (925 posts) - - Show Bio

oh G-Man is this about that Death of Spider-Man issue? i thought that picture you shared was RIDICULOUSLY close to Death of Superman, and that article showed it right after. But i figured it was intentional, and i think Superman would be flattered, even though Ultimate Spiderman DESERVES death. heck, the Ultimate UNIVERSE deserves,... on 2nd thought, let's have Ultimate, so main continuity don't have to suffer stupid What-If?s. 
I think Homage covers, when done right, are cool. Re telling is kinda stupid cos you're wasting time and money to see something that's DONE BEFORE, and is not original. Then again, X-Men TAS, BTAS and other cartoons, as well as The Dark Knight and the 2nd  Spider-Man  movie did good by re telling and making people aware of important events WITHOUT having to read comics, (ok ok, not good for the industry, or was it? now,.. what marvel has been doing of late,.. nothing to praise, but if not for X-Men TAS and Christopher Nolan, Superheroes would be at a very low level of cool. 
Also, half those covers, i'd call them PARODIES! Parodies are in their own right a homage, i suppose, but when the Simpsons put out a cover that copied the FF isuue, OF COURSE it's supposed to be funny and make fun of it, but they were inspired. Plus, i know a whole lot of kids that are more likely to pick up Simpsons than a FF comic, so again, creating awareness. As far as homage and parodies go,.. this one's my favourite

dont mistake this for a picture of Batman
dont mistake this for a picture of Batman
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#74 Posted by Neuron (105 posts) - - Show Bio

Both.  It's fun.  A cover done like that isn't entirely original, but it doesn't have to be.

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#75 Posted by TransgressionsofSociety (196 posts) - - Show Bio

Those last two... it's really hard to portray that sort of scene any other way.  That is the most dynamic way to showcase the emotions that the people are feeling.  I'm sure they aren't trying to be a cheap knock-off.

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#76 Posted by Marshal Victory (692 posts) - - Show Bio

@ssejllenrad: awsome example .very good work their spoting homages/gimicks
The carrying of some one wounded or dead ones  conan one doesnt fit as a tribute or knock off imho. Some are kinda streaching the point. Theirs only so many ways to carry some one . 
The examples ssejllenrad give are much better.  
Um the gimmick thing tho .. seriously who the hells gona run out an buy a comic cause its like some other cover?One would think gimmick would be to help sales.Like oh halo covers... metalic covers... variant covers.. wrap around covers.. poly baged for your protection covers .. etc etc
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#77 Posted by nickthedevil (14901 posts) - - Show Bio
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No Caption Provided

Two Transformers comics that paid homage to Marvel and DC.

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