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Solicit: The game is afoot, and a leg, and a fist and the whole darned body! The descendants of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson continue the family business in modern times, serving Queen and country, battling diabolical villains and solving the big mysteries no one else dares to confront as agents of HOLMES INCORPORATED!

This issue is comprise of several stories that were created by the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop.

Night of the living: Trey Holmes and Elizabeth Watson battle scientifically made zombies by an unknown "mad" scientist. He himself takes the improved formula and trys to kill the woman only to be sliced in half by trey and killed...or was he?

Hologram Holmes: Arthur Holmes makes his grandfather a hologram of his father, the original Sherlock Holmes himself. It is programed with all the information the original Dr. Watson put in his log books. An unknown twist is when the hologram and his son have a heart to heart that they never had in life.

The Watson Files: Elizabeth writes of her unseal cases and struggles how to explain such tales.

The Terror of the Penitence House: Holmes Inc. Investigates an old house and are hunted by the ghosts of their past.

Analysis Paralysis: Edgar Holmes chastises Trey Watson and Elizabeth Holmes only to follow all the right clues to the wrong conclusion.

Special Guest: Arthur Holmes is attacked by a giant VAOS robot on television and he is able to defeat it the Re-Voltalizor.

Artie is Dead: Artie creates the Augmented Reality Technological Interface or A.R.T.I. It is a complete likeness of himself. One of his A.R.T.I. units was assassinated by Steve Venom. This allowed Artie to capture Venom and infiltrate the criminal organization as Venom himself. This action however led all of Holmes Inc. to think he was actually killed.

Full Time Voyeur: Ryan Preston and Trey Holmes test each other with their own mysteries.

Holmes Incorporated: This is a one page comic made to look like the back of an action figure blister of Number Two.

Flight Lessons: Artie falls for the beautiful Doctor Jasmina Nasim, but she is hiding a secret that can ruin everything.

Heroic Deeds: Edgar Holmes Sr. accounts the tale of when he severed on-board the H.M.S. Adler in World War II.

Little Trey in Slumberland: A young Trey dreams about her trip to the moon.

Drinking Buddies: Jerome sits in a bar and tells his many adventures with crime and the run-ins he has had with Holmes Inc.

Finally Peace and Quiet: Holmes Inc. set out for a day of fishing and relaxation as a young family years ago. Their holiday does not go as planed however when they run into a family who is missing their little girl.

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough: A funny story about Edgar Holmes Sr. hitting on a woman at his son's wedding.

Murder on the Moon: Edgar Holmes Jr. goes to the moon to rescue his old mentor Jasper. Things take a turn however when the clues lead Edgar closer to home.

Recipe for Chaos: Artie tries to uncover a counterfeit organization in Hong Kong who are making his toys into weapons. Unfortunately it is all a ruse by Olympia Kaos.

Holmes Incorporated: This is a one page comic made to look like an add. it depicts Edgar Holmes II easily defeating Margo the Magnificent.

*Note this book contains the first published work of Comicvine's own Silkcuts.

You can read it free online ( HERE)

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