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Holly Wagner was the daughter of Maurice Wagner, most likely a casino owner. Besides his wife, Maurice had a clear disdain or felt no trust with Belgians, such as Dan Ferrell and his group of friends. While Maurice was being threatened by Lady Luck and her Belgian allies, Holly lived completely unaware of the real situation. She lived spoiled and happily with her father, she was known to get married quite frequently in Vegas, according to their family lawyer Dennis. It would appear the marriages were annulled very quickly. At some point she met famous movie director John Trick, aka Jack Horner, who complimented on her pretty face in Hollywood.

She'd meet him again Las Vegas, after he had been kicked out by Dan, for being accused of cheating. Recognizing him, she quickly came to Jack's defense and made him apologize to Jack. After a moment, Holly described herself as directionless heiress. Seeing this as a new money opportunity, Jack saw this as a new opportunity and quickly proposed. She didn't say yes right away, the two spent the night on the town; drinking, clubbing, and eventually eloping with an Elvis impersonator as their preacher. Lady Luck would soon hear news of their marriage, not knowing who Jack really was, and decided to bring some luck to the Wagner family.

Elsewhere, Holly decided to introduce Jack to her family; much to his disdain. Dennis, her family lawyer, whom she regarded with respect, immediately took a disdain to Jack and wanted to annul their marriage. But Holly stayed with him, most likely to see how her father felt for Jack. The next afternoon, they spent on a boat with Maurice.

While Maurice stated to his daughter, he wasn't exactly a saint, he did believe Jack would protect Holly. Holly, still not aware of her father's situation, was very concerned by her father's words. But as Maurice was about to leave in his car, a boom exploded, killing both father and daughter. While its unknown if their was real love between the two, Jack was left sworely hurt by her passing.

But he didn't wait long after inheriting her family's money to start dating again.

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