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Hokuto Sumeragi was born in a family of onmyoji. Whereas her twin brother had huge powers, Hokuto had only the ability to enter into people’s dreams and she knew only one spell. She met regularly Kakyo Kuzuki into his dreams. Kakyo couldn’t move in the reality.

Kakyo Kuzuki


The first time they met, they introduce themselves. Hokuto is a smiling girl whereas Kakyo was a sad boy. She guesses that is Kakyo’s dream and so he is a yumemi. She reveals, contrary to her brother, she has only the capacity to introduce into dreams. Seeing that Kakyo is always in his room, Hokuto proposes him to get out.

Tokyo Babylon


She is very close to her twin brother Subaru Sumeragi. When they meet Seichiro Sakurazuka, she becomes friends with him. Days past, more and more Hokuto has suspicions about Seichiro. She feels something evil in him. But she doesn’t say anything to her brother in order to protect his love for Seichiro.

It’s been a year Hokuto and Subaru met Seichiro, she learns that he wants to kill Subaru. Hokuto intervenes and uses a technique. She is killed by Seichiro; but she reveals that if Seichiro tries to kill Subaru as he killed her then the attack will return against him and Seichiro will be killed. Seichiro doesn’t understand why she reveals this technique. Hokuto explains she knows they loves each other and she wants they live together forever because everybody has the right to love and to be loved.

Powers and Abilities



Hokuto can only enter into people’s dreams.

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