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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 153: Everything to the Heavens! (すべてを天へ! の巻 "Subete o Ten e! no Kan")
  • Chapter 154: A Death Duel Which Splits the Heavens! (天を割る死闘! の巻 "Ten o Waru Shitou! no Kan")
  • Chapter 155: A Reunion in Hell! (地獄での再会! の巻 "Jigoku de no Saikai! no Kan")
  • Chapter 156: The Two Heavenly Empresses! (ふたりの天帝! の巻 "Futari no Tentei! no Kan")
  • Chapter 157: Spill Their Blood!! (やつらの血をぬぐえ!! の巻 "Yatsura no Chi o Nugue!! no Kan")
  • Chapter 158: A Promise to Asuka! (アスカとの約束! の巻 "Asuka to no Yakusoku! no Kan")
  • Chapter 159: A Soldier's Tears!! (武人の涙!! の巻 "Bujin no Namida!! no Kan")
  • Chapter 160: A Father's Eternal Soul!! (永遠なる父の魂!! の巻 "Eien-naru Chichi no Damashii!! no Kan")
  • Chapter 161: Perilous Goods! (危険な獲物! の巻 "Kiken na Emono! no Kan")







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