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Hikaru began her sexual relationship with the guy she had liked from school for a long time, Tomonori Tsuda. Rather than her making the first move, the shy Tomonori revealed he had accidentally taken a picture up her skirt to show she wasn't wearing panties and using a sex toy. She accepted his request for sex before he could take back his own offer.

After weeks of torrid sex, Tomonori's guilt got the better of him. He apologized to her and offered to end it, but she revealed to him that she already had feelings for him. She had been planning to make a move on him sooner or later. With a sly smile, Hikaru told him that if he ever tried backing out again. She'd tell everyone what he had done. That was the beginning of their relationship.


Take On Me Vol. 1 JPN (Jul 2004)
Take On Me Vol. 1 JPN (Jul 2004)

Hikaru Ohno (大野 光, Ōno Hikaru) is a main character of the manga series Take On Me that was created by Sessyu Takemura. It originally began publication by Core Magazine's Megastore Comics in 2004. When the U.S. publisher Eros Comix released the first volume in English in 2007. The title was changed to Domin-8 Me.

Her first appearance was in Take On Me Volume 1 CH. 1 "Knockin' On Heavens Door".

Character Evolution

" I want to do it...with you. I want to do it...because of you. I don't care about being kissed from above. I don't care about being fucked from behind. Kissing or Fucking. Doggy style, missionary, sixty-nine, or when I blow you,...even masturbating. I want to fuck 'you'. "

Hikaru Ohno "Take On Me" Vol. 1 Ch. 2

Hikaru is a high school girl who is 6'1" tall. Her personality seems cool and enigmatic. She has a curvacious body, she wears glasses, and has dark hair that she bleaches at the top. Her personality makes her very hard to read and this makes her even harder to approach for most. Her kuudere demeanor does hide a sexually adventurous nature. She also can't stand backing down from a challenge. By the second volume, Hikaru's design was slightly changed to give her longer hair.

Major Story Arcs

Hikaru has a three-way with Kei
Hikaru has a three-way with Kei

Hikaru's sexual relationship continued to heat up as they were still having sex in school, but things were getting awkward with the differences in their sizes. She took him to her home for the first time, told him that their differences didn't matter to her, and they shared their first kiss. She wanted to have sex with him, becasue it's with him. Their relationship only escalated as they were having wilder sex. One day, she returned home to find that her older sister, Kei, was trying to take advantage of her Tomonori. She agreed to a three-way once Kei finally asked. Sex with Tomonori had Kei continued while their parents were out of town. Hikaru wanted to try and lose some weight in a fun way, and they even tried anal.

The next day, Hikaru and Tomonori ran into Ryoko Enatsu walking out with her boyfriend, Koichi Tatsukawa. Hikaru and Ryoko's rivalry heated up as they agreed to a bet, the loser of who had the better boyfriend would be the slave of the winner, but Ryoko started cheating by making is about a baseball game. Tomonori fought valiantly, but Hikaru stepped in to win the game and the bet. Hikaru then blindfolded and bound Ryoko and Koichi as she and Tomonori had sex. Things quickly evolved into four-way sex.

Feeling the urge for a three-way with two guys, Hikaru invited over Koichi. When Ryoko objected, Hikaru just tied her up in another room. Hikaru had her first double penetration. Just as all three climaxed, Ryoko had gotten free, and Kei rushed home after her date ran off. It all turned into a full blow orgy. Hikaru surprised Ryoko with a strap on up her rear, and Tomonori came in the front. After all the swapping partners, Hikaru and Tomonori fell asleep in each others arms.

Powers & Abilities

Hikaru is taller and stronger than your average girl. She has impressive skill in various athletics. Her game of choice is basketball, but she also has impressive skill in baseball.

Other Media

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