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General Information

Birthday: April 2

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 57 kg

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Purple

Ninja Rank: Missing-nin

Village: Yugakure


Hidan was a male shinobi with medium length silver hair and purple eyes. He wore the standard Akatsuki cloak, but left the top open to expose his neck and part of his chest. He wore his forehead protector and a Jashin amulet around his neck. He was frequently seen carrying a triple-bladed scythe around with him. He wore dark green nail polish and wore his orange Akatsuki ring on his left index finger.


Hidan was extremely rude, sadistic, disrespectful and foulmouthed. The only person he seemed to respect was his God.. He was the only Akatsuki member that disrespected their leader, Pain, openly. He openly held his partner, Kakuzu, in contempt for his habit of blasphemy, love of money, and Kakuzu's frequent ridicule of Hidan's religion and battle style. Hidan had absolutely no moral restraints regarding the people he killed. He considered slaughter a religious calling, and often took considerable pleasure in making his opponents' deaths as painful as possible. His sadism bordered on insanity. His immortality often made him arrogant in battle. He frequently engaged his opponent withou caution or strategy and this eventually led to his defeat to Shikamaru Nara.


Hidan is originally from the Hot Springs village. Originally a ninja village, they became pacifists that had forgotten war, but Hidan desired strife and took out his aggression on the village. He was of course found by the Jashin religion and was their first successful experiment, being granted with immortality. Upon joining Akatsuki to spread his religion after they had taken over the world, Hidan was paired with another immortal called Kakuzu, whose violent outbursts during battle have claimed the lives of his past partners, making them an ideal team. Hidan saw Kakuzu as a guide to eternity.


Hidan is first seen capturing the two-tails Jinchuuriki with his partner, Kakuzu. they defeat her and bicker with each other while they wait for Zetsu. Their conversation leads to Hidan insisting in relying on a higher power while Kakuzu claims that the only thing that's reliable is money, but Zetsu shows up and says that a person can only rely on them self and takes the two-tails Jinchuuriki to the hideout for them. He then companies Kakuzu to a temple where Kakuzu claims that a Jinchuuriki could be. Though there was no Jinchuuriki, they did defeat the monk Chiriku and Kakuzu took him to cash in on his bounty.

Sacrificial Lamb
Sacrificial Lamb

They are next ambushed by Asuma's team. Asuma tried to take Hidan down with shurikens, but Hidan deflected them with his scythe, however he missed when he threw his scythe at Asuma. Hidan is then held in place by Shikamaru's Shadow Imitation and Izumo and Kotetsu stabbing him in the torso. Kakuzu started chasing after Shikamaru, forcing him to release his jutsu but is stopped by Asuma. Hidan insisted on fighting them without Kakuzu's help and draws a symbol on the ground before attacking Asuma. After a short but tough battle, Hidan succeeds in cutting Asuma and goes back to his symbol, and Asuma continues his attack with the Burning Ash Accumulation technique... but ends up harming himself aswell.

The Ritual
The Ritual

Asuma charges, but Hidan then stabs himself in the leg which makes Asuma fall. When he is about to kill Asuma, Shikamaru realizes that he can only uses his "curse" inside the circle and Shikamaru uses his Shadow Imitation to force him out of his circle. Asuma uses a shuriken to cut Hidan's ear to make sure Hidan's link is broken, it is, and Asuma decapitates the immobile Hidan. Hidan asks for Kakuzu's help and he swats Asuma aside and sews Hidan's head back on with his tentacles. Hidan then goes to attack Asuma, but is able to dodge Asuma's Flying Swallow and retaliates by throwing his scythe at Asuma, but Asuma ducks and Hidan only succeeds in stabbing himself. But Hidan turns out to be in is circle so the injury harms Asuma, and then he stabs himself in the chest which fatally wounds Asuma. Pein then orders them back to seal a Bijuu, which angers Hidan whom wanted to finish off the rest of their enemies.


Being Controlled
Being Controlled

Hidan and Kakuzu is later ambushed by Team 10 (lead by Kakashi), who are looking for revenge on Hidan for killing Asuma and Hidan catches them with his Shadow bind using Asuma's trench knives. Shikamaru takes control of Hidan to attack Kakuzu, but Kakuzu frees himself and Shikamaru's jutsu eventually wears off of Hidan. Hidan then tries to pin down Kakashi and let Kakuzu blast them both, knowing Hidan wouldn't die. Kakuzu then tries to blast the rest of team 10, but they're saved by Kakashi whom managed to survive.

To Be Cursed
To Be Cursed

Kakashi asks Shikamaru how to beat them, Shikamaru says they have to separate them. So while Kakashi dealt with Kakuzu, Hidan went after Hidan. He tried to snare Hidan with his Shadow jutsu, but Hidan was too quick and nimble. Shikamaru tried to use Asuma's trench knife to bind Hidan but he avoided that too, but it was a trick so that Hidan wouldn't notice Shikamaru's frontal attack. This failed and Hidan stopped Shikamaru's punch, but Shikamaru did succeed in binding his Shadow and took him to an area strung up with exploding tags. Hidan seemed to be able to cut Shikamaru and get his blood after the shadow jutsu ended, but it turned out to be Kakuzu's blood which was gathered earlier on. Shikamaru then struck Hidan with the area's exploding tags, and the explosion dismembered him. Shikamaru then buried him in the ground, with Hidan threatening he would get out and bite Shikamaru to death.


  • Immortality- Hidan can't be killed, even by fatal injuries. Hidan was also able to speak after his head was cut off and has shown the ability to function normally with severe injuries, and heals quickly.
  • Death Controller- Hidan is able to use a type of ritual which requires his opponent's blood to link himself with his opponent's body. Any injuries that hidan suffers,the opponent also suffers.
  • Weapons- Hidan was highly proficient in taijutsu and made excellent use of his three-bladed scythe that was attached to a cable cord, allowing him to use it both close and long ranges and also for supplementary purposes, such as a grappling hook. He also used a metal stake primarily for his ritual.

Hidan was stated to have other curse-styled jutsus, however these went unseen.

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