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Joey Jones is a orphaned boy who works in a dinner to support both himself as well as his grandmother. During work Joey sees a commercial of a new robotic toy called Heybo.  Joey believes that getting one will make his life better, turning him into a hero to protect his friends and family. However, he cannot afford to buy it with his salary. One day at school he sees Nick, one of Joey's bullies, showing of his Heybo. While his friends are all trying to get the remote control from Nick, the Heybo accidently walks onto the road and is hit by a car. Nick deeming the toy worthless now,  throws it in the trash. Joey picks it up and decides he is going to fix the robot, because Joey is positive that his life would become better if he fixed it. 
Joey spends days trying to patch up the robot and in the end even manages to get a decent result from all his hard work. The only proble m is that he can't get it to work. Before Joey is able to enjoy his newfound pride, he notices he is late for work. Joey rushes off to the diner, leaving Heroman under a opened window while a storm is brewing. Whila at work Joey notices the rain and remembers he left the window open, which could probably damage Heroman. Joey rushes to his ho use to close the window. Just as Joey is about to take Heroman, the robot is struck by lightning.
Face to Face
Face to Face
After the flash the Heybo starts glowing and emitting energy. Joey notices that the remote is also functioning again, only different.He presses a button and the tiny robot is suddenly transformed into a hulking brute of a mecha, Joey is overjoyed at the fact that is robot is so impressive. Meanwhile Lina Davis, a friend of Joey, and her father are in a car accident. Heroman senses this and he and Joey head towards the crash site. Heroman frees Lina and her father from the wreck and shields them from the following explosion. After securing Lina the two leave. 

The Skrugg Attacks!

After the accident Joey ponders Heroman's existence and their future together. He also takes the time to experiment with Heroman, exploring his powers and abillities. At the same time a hostile alien race known as the Skrugg is preparing an invasion on Earth. Joey wonders what he should do with Heroman, but decides to forget about it for now. One day when Joey is at school, the Skrugg attack. They first send out three scouts to trace the signal they heard. The local police tries to fend off the threat, but to no avail. The alien weapons and armor are far more superior than thos of Earth.

The scouts trace the signal back to Professor Matthew Denton, Joey's teacher and friend. Joey knowing that Denton had already established alien communication in the past heads to his home to try and defend him. The scouts arrive and state their purpose of invading the world and attempts to kidnap Joey and his friends for experiments. Joey reacts and activates Heroman. With the help of Heroman Joey defeats and kills the three alien scouts. This is all seen by Lina, Psy and Denton. Hiding behind the bushes, Lina's brother Will and his friend Nick are witnesses to the spectacle as well. Will's brother develops a drive to best joey as a hero and tries to find a way to beat the Skrugg himself.  
The Skrugg invasion begins. They deloy large numbers of soldiers who easily take out the American army with their advanced technology. Joey worries about his grandmother, so Psy and him decide to check up on her and take her to safety. the gang is just in time and defeats a group of aliens before they do her any harm. After that Joey takes her grandmother to a shelter. Later Gogorr, the cockroach-like leader of the Skrugg, broadcasts his plan to take over the world to the entire world.  
As more people are heading to the shelters, the Skrugg intensify their skirmish by deploying enormous, indestructible, black orbs. Heroman and Joey try their best to defend the shelter from the orb and in their attempt Heroman loses a hand. They manage to stall the orb long enough for everybody to evacuate the shelter. Joey and his friends are relieved to see everybody safe, but their happiness is shortlived as five new orbs are deployed. 
During the time Heroman was fending off the orb, Will and Nick infiltrated one of the Skrugg bases and stumble upon their armory. They manage to get one of the weapons to work and decide to confrontthe Skrugg. The weapon doesn't work as they want it to and they are captured and turned into Skrugg warriors. As Skrugg warrios they battle Joey and Heroman. The fight is long and hard and durng the fight Heroman breaks one of the Skrugg helmets only to discover it was Will inside the armor

Powers & Abillities

Heroman is able to run at very high speeds
Heroman is able to run at very high speeds
Heroman's main power is his Superhuman Strength and Durability. He has been shown doing great feats of strength, being ablo to tear off car doors with ease and stopping a building sized construct from moving.  Besides his strength Heroman has also shown the ability to repair himself, shoot blasts of energy, create forcefields and fly using jet propulsion.
His manga version has shown the ability to control magnetism. It is not known if this power is manga exclusive or if Heroman is going to demonstrate this power in the anime. 

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