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Doctor Strange is confronted by Loki, god of mischief, an old foe. After a brief discussion, Lokis suddenly becomes very scared, and vanishes in an explosion, leaving Doctor Strange to himself, confused. He is then shown with Ashema, who seemingly kills him.

At the Baxter Building, Franklin Richards confronts a family that does not know him. He reaches his mother, who recognizes him despite the memory losses. Spider-Man is then shown heading to confront the Hulk, who is in Central Park.

While wandering around the park, Hulk is confronted by Doc Samson and the Thunderbolts, who unsuccessfully attempt to calm him. Thor later joins the battle.

Back at the Place of No Rain, Franklin Richards is angrily confronting Ashema for taking him away from his parents. He gets angry at her and blasts her, fleeing afterwards. Back at the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four are facing the problem of two fireballs.

It, lastly, shows two Hulks appearing in Central Park, as one was transported across universes. All combatants stand in astonishment at this revelation.

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