So the big push?

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It recently came to me that in the past two years Daimon has a lot of appearances and has kinda been trusted into the role of a hero. My question is with the big push, do you think they will make him Sorcerer Supreme?

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Most likely because he appeared tagging along with Strange and Strange offhandedly said he wants to be Sorcerer Supreme. That really came out of left field.

Who wants to bet Dr. Voodoo probably comes back to fight for the crown and gets mutilated to death.

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He won't.

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Erm doesn't an exorcist have to be an ordained clergyman(usually Roman Catholic)?


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Is he evil now? I'm confused after the Venom_Ghost Rider_Hulk saga.

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he turned in the fearless

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He went evil in Fear Itself

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1. Would that be Fear Itself: The Fearless? Or are there other Fear Itself trades, with that story in it?

2. I was a huge fan of Prince of Lies, particularly Ellis's run. In the last issue his dead father (Marduk the Satan), was to be resurrected in his son. Was that story line ever finished? If so in what?

3. I own the Prince of Lies series, have issues 1-3 of the original Son of Satan series. Have the old Defenders with him and Hellcat in it. And some West Coast Avengers, where they are members. I saw some brief mentions about Dark Reign, any good? Do you know what series and issues, where Dr. Strange talked to him about becoming the Sorcerer Supreme?

4. What other Hellstorm stories would you recommend?

Sorry i scoured the Wiki pages, but didn't find answers to those questions. The wiki will tell you what series and how many issues, but the descriptions don't mention him much nor which issues except Venom. Oh and i have seen he was in Marvel Zombies vol 4, and a Max miniseries.

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