Rubber, Stretch Hellboy Toy from Imperial Toy company

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The other day I got a chance to go to a garage / storage unit sale where there was a bunch Dark Horse stuff, which being in the Portland area wasn’t a huge surprise.

In one box full of miscellaneous items I found a Hellboy item that I have never seen before. I've spent some time on the web, trying to find anything about it, but can't find a single mention of it anywhere.

It is a 6½ inch rubber, stretchy Hellboy Toy from Imperial Toy, 2008. It has a Universal Studio TM. I have attached a picture. Has anybody ever heard / seen this before?

Any reply would be appreciated.

Bruce “ImaPaqRat” Fisher

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Hmmmm . . . 10 days and not a single comment.

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I tried to find anything on it, but couldn't. Mysterious.

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Thanks for the reply, at least I know I'm not the only one that found nothing.

Take care.

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@imapaqrat: No problem. Good luck finding anything. :)

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Hi there, I heard you were looking for some info on the 2008 Hellboy life-like stretchable figure.

Well this figure was a promotional toy, there were only 2,000 of these made. Believe it or not, they weren't very popular. Witch is probably why you just happened to find it in a storage unit sale. They were discontinued due to the small parts, and also because they were less popular than the other universal stretchable movie characters that Imperial produced. That's all I know about this Item. hope this helps you out a bit. Oh and one of these guys sold for $45.00 on Ebay two weeks ago.

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@seriousnerd: Do you happen to have the auction number, title, or link?

I've searched for "Hellboy Imperial Toy", "Hellboy Stretchy" and "Hellboy Rubber" and found nothing in the completed auctions.

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