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Of Course It's Alive!!!

John's coat has an adventure and spreads a bit of that good ol' Constantine luck around London.

The Good

Biz's covers, when do they not rock?

One of my favorite things about Milligan's writing during his run is the psychological and philosophical ideas he includes in his stories. The idea of our lives and choices giving life to our inanimate objects is something that's occurred to each of us on some level. For example many of us have very personal relationships with our personal items. Some people name their cars, musicians name their instruments, we all have a lucky___we love to wear. But what if these items we hold so dear truly came into sentience by drawing essence from our shared experiences with them? What if these experiences shaped their personalities? Now recall the kind of man John is...

The coat hates John. See once again, totally appropriate.

Milligan does a great job of making the coat a fully realized character. He gives it such a strong and distinct sense of voice. And I loved the way he shows the powerful effects the coat has upon it's new "owner" and those that have only peripherally come into contact with it.

The Ebay auction in which Gemma sales the coat was a really humorous way to open the issue.

You know, I was wondering when Epiphany would finally have a freak out issue and here we are! And what got me about it was how realistically it mirrored a real relationship. Her and John together really puts a smile on my's to hoping she not killed next issue :P

The interaction with Gemma and John was as tense and heavy as I expected. Milligan's done a great job of displaying the fallout of recent events in the title. The low blow that Gemma hits John with during their conversation really made sad to see how fractured their relationship now is.

The subplot with Tamsin demanding payment for her services last arc looks like its going to be very interesting. And I'm definitely concerned about what Milligan has planned for Gemma.

Sex magic, only way to get rid of those pesky bloody walls.

I love the genuinely antagonistic relationship between Terry and John. And Terry's entrance into this issue really had me rollin'! to quote a favorite film of mine

The Bad

This is NOT the issue to jump in on. You definitely want to be at least familiar with the last arc to get the most out of this issue.

The verdict

Buy, buy, buy, buy!!! Buy anything with the words Hellblazer and Milligan together on it! This latest art is off to an excellent start and filled to the brim with promise.

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