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Helios is a boy that protected the people beautiful dreams. . When people stopped dreaming his world was attacked by an evil Queen Nelhellenia wanting to rule a kingdom just like Queen Serenity. As his world was being destroyed he then turned into Pegasus. He went in search for Reni(Chibi-usa) dreams because he thought that she would be the one that would defeat the evil Queen. He said that her dreams were so beautiful and was what kept him alive for so long. Helios' body was taken by the evil Queen but his mind was in Reni dreams as he would appear to be Pegasus. Pegasus give the Sailor Scouts new items to use and the would become the Sailors: Protector of Dreams. Helping him fight away the evil that would try to find the one Pegasus dreams he was hinding him. Sailor Mini Mioon calls upon Pegasus and say Crystal Twinkle Bell. The Sailor Moon will say Moon Gorgous Magictation. The evil people trying to get the dreams would attack them to find who has the golden mirror. This would show who's dream Pegasus was hiding in. Sailor Mini Moon and Helios would fall in love with eachother. They kissed in her dreams after he trusted her by telling her what has happened to him in his world.

Elicion was a beautiful place that was nurtured by the dreams of the people on Earth until it was attacked by the evil forces of the dark moon. It turned into a lifeless planet. In order to save the planet the person with the golden mirror could save Earth and Elicion. If the power falls into the wrong hands Elicion would stay the way it is forever.

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