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Helen Keller was blind and deaf. That all changes when she is given the Omnicle, a machine made by Alexander Graham Bell that not only lets her see and hear, but gives her super-human strength and agility that she uses to protect President McKinley.

However, the Omnicle was later destroyed. Dr. Bell tried to repair it, but so far it just doesn't work anymore. Helen went back to College. Exams. Studying. The same quiet life she used to have.

Invented by Alexander Graham Bell, the remarkable power the Omnicle has granted Helen is merely a side benefit. Using light and sound, this device forms new pathways through Helen's damaged brain, allowing her to see and hear as we do. These re-routes may pass through some unknown primeval region in the mind, which may account for Helen's Herculean Strength and agility when the Omnicle is activated.

The Omnicle also grants Helen "Soul Sight," in which she sees a dark aura around those with a mind to commit malace. Those who are pure of spirit appear bathed in a heavenly glow.

The Omnicle was originally intended to cure blindness and deafness for all, not just Helen. Dr. Bell has been unable to replicate the effect on any other deaf and blind patients. It seems Helen is unique.

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