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There is, unfortunately, a certain level of racism that pervades small towns in the Southern United States. The town of Salvation, Texas is no exception. It is predominantly white, with very few exceptions. One of these was Hector, an immigrant from Mexico. He tolerated the jokes and the ribbing, the backhanded insults from the townsfolk, because he knew that was the closest he would get to acceptance. Plus, if he was pathetic enough, he might have a chance to sleep with Cora, a woman of very little discrimination when it came to her bed-partners.

Much later, after the terrible trouble with Odin Quincannon in which Hector was shot, he got a job with the waste processing plant that Conan Quincannon, the late meat-magnate's brother, opened in the town. Quincannon soon discovered that Hector was one of the only people in the town with a serious education, and made him the foreman at the plant. Soon Hector was the one making the jokes....

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