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Hecate is occasionally depicted as a companion of Persephone. Hecate was not so much identified with the Night (like Nyx/Nox) but with nocturnal wanderings.

Dark Horse:

In the Hellboy comics she tried to push him to his destiny as the Beast of the Apocalypse.


Hecate rescued the elementals ( Hellfire, Magnum, Hydron, and Zephyr) from space. After she rescued them she finds out they are after a powerful ruby scarab and goes to stop them from getting it. Meanwhile Ms. Marvel had a prediction that her friend salia petrie's death on a space shuttle. She goes to save her friend and encounters Hecate and the Elementals. Hecate thinks that Ms. Marvel is also after the scarab and the two start to fight. As the two are fighting the Elementals find the scarab and uses it to levitate a small island to crush the two women. Hecate uses one mind blast to destroy the island and the blast accidentally kills Salia petrie as Ms. Marvel had predicted. Hecate realized that Ms. Marvel only wanted to save her friend and the two team up and defeat the Elementals. Ms. Marvel then regressed to Carol Danvers and she steals the scarab to use it against Hecate. But the scarab merged the two personalities and she forgave Hecate for the death of her friend. Hecate took the scarab to keep it out of the wrong hands.

She later fought Hercules.

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