He-man mini series is done. now comes the questions.

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Okay so now that this series is done and we have the new ongoing series coming out in april im left with a couple of questions which are beating around in my head.

1: Everyone knows Prince Adam was He-man this entire time?

2: Was this spell that made skeletor go after castle grayskull something that existed since the beginning?

3: What was this betrayal Orko did to the masters of the universe?

4: Was saying that He-man was the source of the power a ruse in order to get skeletor to lose confidence in his abilities to defeat he-man?

does anyone else find this strange? I mean its still good writing but I feel like im missing out on so much back story to this point.

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I have these same questions myself. Have you read any of the digital stories about the other characters as well? When the series starts again hopefully we will get some answers.

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