Death of He-Man

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Hi everybody!

My name is Evan Gibbs. I’m a new guy here and let me tell you the story which led me to this community.

I'm an old fan of He-Man and MOTU. When I was a kid I watched all the episodes, I even had a toy Castle Greyskull with He-Man, Skeletor, Hordak and other stuff from the series ­– I remember spending days playing with them! I also have some He-Man VHS – my dad bought them for me in 1987 as far as I remember. I watched all of them many times. Even now I watch some of them to go back in time.

Last time when I watched VHS I fell asleep and when I woke up, there was some sort of a bonus episode or something like that. Then I rewinded it back and start to watch from beginning. This short video completely blew my mind and I want you guys to check out!

I never found this video on Youtube so I made a VHS-rip – watch this one and tell me what do you think of this.

I found it on the He-Man Original Series VHS Vol. 24 after the last episode ‘The Arena’ – does anyone have the same?

There are some more strange things about this video.

Chinese subtitles. I didn’t found any info about Chinese re-edition of MOTU – maybe Filmation planned to go to the Chinese market and they made this trailer?

Music. There is some background music starting at the middle of the video. Does anybody knows what is this?

The main thing I don’t understand about this video is that Skeletor kills He-Man at the end – how could the guys from Filmation let this happen??))

There is also a white triangle and the very end of it – WTF???

BTW. As far as I know this is one is not the only existing Filmation bonus. I saw the Orco’s song with karaoke subtitles. I’ll try to make a rip, because I couldn’t find this video on Youtube.

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I have no idea, as a huge He-Fan, this is very strange to me. I must investigate this.

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Hmm, very interesting. Those are actually Japanese subtitles though, not Chinese.

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Ha sounds like a creepypasta

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