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A new chapter is dawning in Eternia as 'THE BLOOD OF GREYSKULL' begins! As an ancient evil from Eternia's past returns, Princess Adora must continue on her road to redemption. But when she is confronted with tragic news by her brother He-Man, brother and sister must unite to fight against The Horde and find the secrets of the Greyskull legacy.

After recently killing King Grayskull, Saryn finds herself covered in blood and being chased by a shadowy figure though the forests of Anwat-Gar Island, the home island of the Gar people.

1,000 years later...Adora awakes from a nightmare, and finds herself alone in her camp somewhere in the Thalu Mountains. She drinks her breakfast, curses Hordak and herself for bring her to this low point of her life. But, her solitude is short lived as she notices an intruder approach. She draws her blade but puts it down when she realizes the intruder is her brother Adam and his pet Battle Cat.

Adam, dressed in his He-man persona, tells his sister that their father is dead, and may have been dead for years. Retelling the details are too painful for Adam and he just leaves it at "he was slain by an Ancient Evil."

Adam then walks with Adora, and the pair talk about their childhood. Adam gives Adora a locket from their mother, with her picture inside. This causes Adora to stop and break down sobbing. After holding her a bit, Adam gives Adora another gift, this one from Teela.

Its a message and a sword. The message is stay by Adam's side and the sword is of great masterwork. Adora excepts Adam's help and the siblings, along with the faithful Battle Cat, battle several troops of Horde Partrols before reaching their destination of Althra Port.

At the Port the pair make a plan to sneak in and steal a boat, not knowing they are being watched by a mysterious watcher with three eyes.

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