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I'm here for She-Ra...

I can't say that I was very interested in this series until I happened to see the She-Ra variant cover. Once I became aware that Adora was in it I immediately ordered it! (With the She-Ra cover, of course.)

I ended up enjoying it quite a bit. It's clearly continuing a story from a prior mini-series but, despite not having read that, I was able to follow along and pick it up with ease. It got me interested in what comes next and that's pretty key. I haven't added it to my pull list yet as I'm only in this for the She-Ra story and I don't know how long she'll be around.

But as long as she's in, I'll keep checking it out. Now, give me a proper She-Ra spin-off comic of this once her intro story is done? And I'll add it to my pull list in a snap.

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Posted By Trodorne

I definitely would love to see a She-ra spin off from this series.

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