Jeremy Renner Talks About Hawkeye And The Avengers Movie

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Last Thursday it came up that Hawkeye might have a cameo in the Thor movie and work as part of the set up for The Avengers.  Actor Jeremy Renner had mentioned that Marvel was considering him for a role and thought that "Hawkeye could be interesting."
Renner spoke with SuperHeroHype and cleared up a few things.  Renner said that he wasn't officially cast as Hawkeye but the character will be in the movie.  Apparently they are going to wait until a director is attached to The Avengers before casting anyone.  If that is the case, what will it mean for Hawkeye's possible cameo in Thor?  The cameo shouldn't take long to film and Sam Jackson's Nick Fury cameo in Iron Man was supposedly film last minute to maintain the secrecy.

"The last I knew is that they still have to find their director for 'The Avengers,' that's where he's really going to show up. They were just talking, 'Like maybe we should consider maybe hiring Hawkeye now' but there's no director on 'Avengers' so they don't really want to force-feed the director, 'Here's the whole cast.' It's a big role so they didn't want to do that to the director, so I think they might wait. I know they're interested, I'm interested, so we'll see if it works out."

What will Hawkeye look like if and when he does show up?  Renner says they're going to "modernize" the character and he won't be "the guy with the big purple mask."  "It's going to be a guy in sunglasses and a vest."  Sounds a little like Green Arrow's portrayal on Smallville.
The question remains how 'in the loop' is Renner?  He might be a strong contender but how secure is his possibility?  Does Marvel mind that he's spilling these beans about Hawkeye appearing in The Avengers?  And why hasn't a director been found yet?
As much as I love Hawkeye's purple costume, I do agree that it would not work on the big screen.  I just can't picture a dude walking around in a purple suit.  Well, we know Prince can pull it off but that's another story.  I would assume they'd go more of the Ultimate route with their costumes.  That takes away some of the comic book feel but gives a little more credibility.  Guess we'll have to wait until a director for The Avengers is found until we get another update on Hawkeye's chances.
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I hope they go for the Ultimate Hawkeye suit but make it a darker shade of purple. It would awesome! Ultimate Hawkeye is badass!

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Awesome...I was alittle worried about this Thor movie, but I am increasingly excited. Still not sure I like Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury he can over do the simplest of parts and ruin a perfectly good movie. I guess we will see.
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Sweet always been a fan of Clint.
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Jeremy Renner seems to know an awful lot about this, for being someone not yet cast in the part.
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Ultimate Hawkeye!

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@Blue_Shield: That's exactly how I feel.  Unless they really really want him for the role.  But you would think there'd be major confidentiality clauses he'd have to sign.
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i really hope in their attemp yo "modernize" the characters that they dont pull an x-men and eliminate the unique elements of their costumes altogether. it kinda worked in x-men, where most of the costumes have always been team themed, but the avengers, much like the JLA, are a bunch of individuals. I dont want to see them in a standard issue jumpsuit and an A on their chests.
 but i am soooo glad hes not in Thor.

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When the X-men costumes were made each one of them had a colored stripe....
Maybe they can do the same with Hawkeye, a purple stripe along the vest...
@G-Man said:

" @Blue_Shield: That's exactly how I feel.  Unless they really really want him for the role.  But you would think there'd be major confidentiality clauses he'd have to sign. "

Maybe there were nothing to sing since he wasn't cast!
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I hope it's the ultimate hawkeye.  I'd like to see the one being used right now with the face mask, but it'll from the vol. 1 & 2 and that's okay.

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Hope it is the Ultimate outfit it's just too awesome
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@They Killed Cap!:  In the Comicon trailer, the short amount you see him he seems good. I agree with the Ultimate Hawkeye thing, or maybe something along the lines of how Agent Zero looks now.
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Lame.... Like crazy lame. Hey isn't that the guy who played Jeffery Dahmer?!  :P Now when I see him as Hawkeye I'm only going to be able to picture him raping guys and pouring acid in their brains. 

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Yeah butmake the costme black with like purple gloves and get rid of the bullseye on his head that might make non-comic people think he's Bullseye from DareDevil.
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I really hope he gets the part, I think hes a great actor and fits the role perfectly!  Ya the ultimate look is the way to go for sure.  
But this article opens up a new question, who should Direct AVENGERS!!?? Jon Fav said he will not be doing it, but he is an  executive producer on the movie. My suggestion is JJ ABRAMS!! He is a huge hit director and has lots of experience in large casts and i can see him being able to pull off a Avengers movie without breaking a sweat.

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Renner would be great as hawkeye. and as for the costume, they should take notes from the recent ultimate look, its purple, badass, and no skirt.

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Agree with you: Ultimate costume.

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@King Quisling:
He's also the guy from S.W.A.T and 28 weeks later though and he was pretty badass in both of those movies...I think it's a really good job of casting if he does end up being Hawkeye...
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I wish they would stop stripping characters of their costumes in these Super-hero movies. I'm all for updating them a little but to remove it completely is just a let down and boring. Hawkeye in sunglasses and a vest is just a guy with good aim. Give him his real costume back and do the character justice. It's not hard. Just tone down the purple until it's almost black and make his mask have a metallic look. I think that'd look pretty sweet.  
This is the same way I felt when I saw Bullseye without his costume or any variant of it. Seriously...a let down. I think people need to remember these are based on comic books, not James Bond or Die Hard. The costumes are what makes it fun. 
And I'm still waiting for Wolverine to put his mask on in the movies...

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I'm sick of these Motherf---ing Avengers on this Motherf---ing quinjet!

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Hawkeye might be okay. I don't know much about him so I can't really say for sure...
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Hey Joker walked around in a purple suit and it worked out fine (twice) so I DO want to see him in his purple uniform, It may not have to look like his 616 universe but it can certainly look like his Ultimate suit. 
I really do hope he gets to play him . I've always liked Renner since National Lampoon's Senior Trip ha ha..... I just don't want to get too excited like I did with Emily Blunt and her not ending up not getting the part. 
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Sam Jackson im ok with but if i wanted to see an 'ultimate' movie (which i wouldnt) id go see that, just give the proper costume a once over and have the character in 616 glory 

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What's wrong with this? 

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I don't really know much about Ultimate Hawkeye, but I see the one picture included in this article...and he's using a gun. So that begs me to ask the inevitable question; Does Ultimate Hawkeye use a bow? I understand that perhaps a bow and arrow isn’t especially practical in this day and age, but he’s not just anyone with the bow either. So I’d argue that if he’s not using his trademark bow and arrow…it’s just not Hawkeye. Am I right? I mean, they wouldn’t just get rid of it…would they? That’s like having Wolverine without claws, Doc Ock without tenticles…    

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Urgh, I hate the Ultimate version of Hawkeye's costume. His classic purple one is much better. Couldn't they just change the colour scheme?

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sounds crazy but i liked the u,timate version of hawkeyes costume the best could they do that one haha
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No Ultimates, please. I don't want to see Hawkeye using guns. The Ultimate costume looks like something from G.I. Joe anyway. No thanks.

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hope to god they use ultimate hawkeye's look, but use 616's personality

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I like the purple. He looks best in Ultimates.

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@reaper2923 said:
"What's wrong with this? 


Uh..... hawkeye uses arrows? Just a guess. Oh, and that costume looks badass. THAT should be the costume in the movies.
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At the very least Hawkeye should have a crossbow or some type of bow and arrow weapon. The uniform should be a variation of either the 616 version just tone down the purple or use the Ultimate version mixed in with the 616 version.

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He Make a GREAT ULTIMATE HAWKEYE... but i think the Arrowheads wont like it... but WHO knows...

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yeah, it makes sense. who really wants to wear spandex, besides toby and brandon

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