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The H.A.V.O.C. is an ideal armored vehicle suited to short, heavy fire campaigns. An interesting sight on the battlefield, its most unique feature is the top-mounted, detachable one-man hovercraft, used for anti-personnel operations. The major drawback of the HAVOC, aside from the lightly armored hovercraft, is that it needs almost constant resupply of ammunition and ordnance. This limits the vehicle to short missions; however, its thick armor and ability to withstand a great deal of punishment are the perfect safeguards in case a fresh supply of weaponry is unavailable.

The G.I. Joe HAVOC weighs 54 tons and has a top speed of 40 MPH (tracked vehicle); 60 MPH (hovercraft) and a fully loaded range of 175 miles (tracked vehicle) and 80 miles (hovercraft). The Hovercraft is outfitted with two 7.62 mm computer-synchronized machine guns with 300 rounds of ammunition each. The tracked vehicle is outfitted with dual recoil-less, 75 mm cannons with 20 rounds of ammunition each. It also has dual 9mm "Repeater" auto-load machine guns with 500 rounds of ammunition each. For Ordnance it packs 4 "Lancer" rear-mounted anti-armor heat-seeking missiles.

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