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Another Zone

While both Echidnaopolis and the dingo city were in separate dimensional zone on Angel Island, Harry was a solider under General Stryker's control. When the two cities began to reappear after the events of the Endgame , the Stryker tried to take control of the echidna city, but that was foiled by Knuckles and the Chaotix. Despite being part of the Dingo Regime, harry had no ill with the echidnas, he was just following orders. 

Working in the City


After a truce was made between the dingoes and echidnas, Harry had a job being a cabbie. He tended to keep to himself and took a late shift so he wouldn't be bother too much. 

 One night, he came across Charmy the Bee, and his friend Mello who was deadly ill. Harry drove the two the hospital. While Mello was in the ER, getting treatment, Harry to tried to leave, but was foiled again and again by the Chaotix and Constable Remington; then the doctor told Charmy the bad news, and Harry stayed and comfort the
prince bee.
 From that point on, Harry provided transportation and information for the Chaotix and Constable Remington.

Under Kage's Rule

When General Kage took control of the Dingo Regime from Srtyker and worked as Eggman's enforcer on Angel Island, Harry worked as mole for Angel Island's resistance
force, consisting mostly of the Island's civilian echidnas, such as Knuckles' mom, and the Dark Legion. Harry was close to Kage as being his waiter, bringing the General food. After freeing Locke from Kage's grasp, Harry was left behind and have to bear with the cyborg general's wrath.
 Later on, he shared the fate of other dingoes as Knuckles (as Enerjak) sends him to the Island's desert region.

Enerjak Aftermath


While not appearing since Sonic the Hedgehog #140, Harry makes a return in Sonic Universe 9, taking a darker look in appearance and life, from his punishments from Kage. Harry's hands are bandaged and wears a cloak that covers his face, but a scar can be barely seen under it.  Because of he works against Kage, Stryker has made him a hero in the eyes of the other dingoes, which seems to keep Harry with Stryker, which he didn't want before.
Harry transports Knux, Julie-Su, and Mighty to Finitevus's secret base on a sand-worm. While the 2 echidnas didn't notice, Mighty did and talked to Harry, finding out that the cab driver is different since when they last meet.

25 Years Later.

 In the original 25 Years Later time line, Harry was a happy working as a cabbie, taking great pride as he took Rotor to see Knuckles, stating that he has clearance all over the island.

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