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Created by the House of Mystery after it fled from Cain, Harry Bailey was formed to act as a caretaker to the House. Many of his characteristics were unconsciously shaped by Fig Keele, who sought to create her ideal man. Awakening in the House with no memory or knowledge of his true identity, he reluctantly became the barman.


Harry Bailey was created by Matthew Sturges and Luca Rossi. He made his first appearance in House of Mystery #1.

Major Story Arcs

House of Mystery

Living in the House alongside the others who are perpetually trapped there, he meets and quickly falls in love with Fig. He attempts to lead Fig and Ann out of the House through the basement, believing that Fig has drawn a map, but they are confronted and pushed back by the Bête Noir. He fights Fig's father Peter, and when Peter folds and transports them both away from the House, Harry learns that he is not a real person. When the House and many of its occupants become trapped in the City in the Space Between, Harry finds himself to be increasingly drawn to return to being part of the House. He resists for some time until the Pair of the Conception arrive and make a deal with Fig. He is pulled out of the House and made a real person, but as payment for the deal he must never see Fig again; he is sent to New York City, where he finds work as a bartender. During this time he meets and falls in love with Lotus Blossom. Some time later he is approached by Peter Keele, Strawberry, and Keele, who use his connection to Fig to find the House. He is captured and held by the Conception until he is rescued by Lotus Blossom, who remakes the House using her own magic. He works as a bartender there for several months until Fig returns and writes herself out of everybody's memories. He and Lotus Blossom eventually marry.

Powers and Abilities

Harry is an artificial construct created by a magical House, but his exact powers or abilities are unknown. Following his separation from the House, he appears to be a regular human. He is a pretty good bartender, though.

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