Joker and Harley quinn

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i just read Suicide Squad 14 and it got me thinking about Joker and Harley

is there a way to make them work as a couple?

id like to see that but it seems like its never going to work out

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Joker isn't really capable of loving someone I think. And Harley doesn't deserve that kind of abuse. She could kick Joker's ass if she didn't love him xD I think they could work only as well as we've already seen. They get together, Harley gets fed up with almost being killed and being unloved, Harley misses Joker, rinse and repeat. I may be biased since I really like the idea of Poison Ivy and Harley as a couple </3

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I firmly believe that they can work. But if that is to happen, writers have to stop constantly using abuse as a theme.

Joker and Harley, to me, are most intriguing when they're on the same page. They can play off of each other's crazy and provide an interesting foil to one another.

In retrospect, Joker really only values Batman as an equal and everything he does is, more or less, for him. That's rather unchangeable.

For Harley and Joker to work, it has to be Batman as the person who Joker makes the jokes are made for and Harley as the person who Joker shares the laugh with.

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I think it could work, but it'd be very very very hard to do and both side would have to sacrifice something. 
I wrote in another forum how I see there relationship, in it I wrote....
The Joker may love Harley but in his twisted mind the only way he can express love is through abuse and suffering. This could also connect to his fascination and obsession with Batman, he often calls Batman things like "Darling" or whatever. He could be in love with Batman and is expressing that Love by trying to make him miserable because that's how he sees expressing love. For Joker, "love is where the hurt is." 
If Joker does love Harley then chances are that love has worn off as well or continues to degrade and regrow. Here's a fantastic article about how Psychopaths view love. The article says that psychopaths can fall in love and maybe he did love Harley Quinn at one point, but for most psychopaths they no longer love the object of their obsession (Harley in this case) once that object is officially dominated by them. That's probably why Joker continues to abuse and push her away, but whenever she tries to move on he wheels her back in. He loves her and abuses her because that's how he expresses love, but once she completely falls heads over heels for him and is willing to do anything he asks, he no longer loves her. Once she moves on, he loves her again because she is no longer dominated by him. It's a vicious circle. 
So the only way this relationship could work is if Harley stopped obsessing over him, and if Joker stopped being a dick.....but the chances of that happening are zero to little.

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Joker and Harley Quinn should have a dozen children who can be used to take down the Batman Family.

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I hope that they both move on. Plus it will be fun to have the Joker show up every year or so and kill Harley's new boyfriend.

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@redhoodnet: Now that's a comic I would read.

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They really can't work as a couple. Harley was a pawn to Joker in the first place and in many ways she is his great victim, I feel if DC think hey lets get Joker and Harley together again many fans would just get angry. Plus Ivy would be pissed.

I would not mind seeing Harley get together with Jason Todd I mean they have common ground both being hurt by the Joker plus he is a take charge man the type Harley likes.

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