A fitting end for classic Harley

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Okay, I think classic Harley was absolutely wonderful (particularly the mainstream version, where she's less ditzy) and was, naturally, saddened when DC decided to throw away all that mythology and, especially, her relationship with Poison Ivy, which had just been developing rather interestingly, and go for the grunge whore look.

So, I decided to give Harley and Ivy's relationship a nice conclusion, bringing their story together to a satisfying close, so we know they'll be happy, regardless of whatever happens to the new versions. It's a reasonably funny little story, I hope:

Oh yes, and be warned that as this happens outside of the existing continuity, I did take the liberty of some irreversible plot twists. But it's all light-hearted.

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Oh goody. ANOTHER Ivy and Quinn lesbain story! because there aren;t like 500 of these all over the internet right? And it's not like the topic get's as annoying as Cee-Lo Green's "Forget You" right? i mean, it's not like i could just type "Poison Ivy" or 'Harley Quinn" fan fic on the internet, and get a story just like this one right? Right? I'll let you answer that.

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Hattas gonna hat.

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Sorry tried it. There's sweet and there's over the top. this was a little over.

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