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British military Captain Jonathan Harker was the man responsible for the mass murder and looting of the Indian town Janasthan in the 1700s, leading 67 other British soldiers and civilians in that atrocity. Thus he and the other 67 men were cursed by a dying Snake Spirit (Naga) to be reincarnated in each generation thereafter, but his curse was special: he could remember everything he had ever done in each of his lives every time he was reincarnated. Therefore he was able to reassemble The 68 in each lifetime, creating a secret society for the preservation of their lives and the termination of the tool of the Snake Spirit's vengeance: the Snake Woman. He has been extremely successful thus far, both eliminating the Snake Woman before she was able to kill each of The 68 in a given generation, and creating a corporate empire for himself out of the treasures he gathered in each of his many lives.

Interestingly, as with many other members of The 68, Harker was also cursed to carry from one life to the next a specific character trait; in his case that recurring trait is impotence. Frustrated by never having known the touch of a woman, Harker has finally had enough of reincarnation. He has promised to aid the most recent Snake Woman, Jessica Peterson, in hunting down and killing each of The 68; by succeeding in doing so for the first time, Harker hopes to finally be rid of the curse, moving on to whatever heaven or hell is in store for him next. But there are many dangers in what he does: he could be caught by other members of The 68, or worse, he could push Jessica too far with his constant manipulations, and she could destroy all his plans...

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