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Plot Summary

Kyle Rayner and Connor Hawke's first arc as a team. The two of them leave together after Eddie Fyers tells Kyle that he may know where his father is. They Follow that lead to Lincoln, Nebraska. First they make a stop to eat and run into some trouble with the sheriff, then they leave after Kyle got into a fight with the sheriff of where Aaron Rayner is supposed to live. It turned out that he didn't live there anymore, but the person who bought the house from him told Kyle they had his the address his mail was forwarded from and she gave it to them.

Next, the two of them head to Desolation, the lawsuit capital of America. It didn't take long for them to run into trouble with the law. They suited up and escaped on one of Kyle's constructs, but they came to a stop when they were attacked by Hatchet. Kyle dealt with Hatchet as Connor was dealing with the police. Eventually Kyle is put down by Hatchet, but Connor manages to damage his suit and with Kyle's help he beats him. Shortly after a man appears claiming that Hatchet was only supposed to send them a message.

Connor and Kyle talk to the man and he turns out to be exactly who they were looking for, Aaron Rayner. Aaron seemed happy to see his son, but needs a favor from him. He figured that Kyle could use his lantern to help set up a communications satellite for him. Connor didn't seem to trust Aaron's reasons for wanting Kyle's help. When they set up the satellite Connor tries to explain it to Kyle, but Kyle was upset by Connor feeling that he had insulted him. The two of them get into a fight and once they return to Earth they part ways.

Connor gets is surprised to find Aaron Rayner's secretary, Crackshot, waiting for him. She was instantly on top of Connor. Connor looked to be stuck in a situation he didn't know how to handle himself in, but the pair was soon interrupted by men sent to kill both Connor and Crackshot. Eddie ends up saving the two of them and explaining the situation. Aaron Rayner was actually lying to Kyle and the communications satellite was actually a death ray that he was planning to fire on Washington D.C. Kyle didn't believe it at first but when more men are sent to kill Connor, Crackshot, and Eddie, Kyle sees the truth. Connor stops the laser before it explodes, when he returns the man he thought was his father is dying, but before he does he tells Connor that he also lied about being his father and that his real name is Zachary Rayner, Aaron's brother and Kyle's uncle.

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