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Age: 21

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 80 kg

Hair color: blond

Eyes color: blue

Body type: athletic, muscular

Background: Son of a king, he dosen't know anything about his mother. He has two older brothers Indrea and Medru. He's the nephew of Green Emperor.

Possitive traits: selfless, honest, courageous

Negative traits: naivety

Caracterization: Ştefan is of noble breed, was well raised and educated at court. Has sense of duty and once he gives his word it will respect whatever the consequences. He's honest, funny, makes friends, which help him even out of impossible situations. He's gracious, kind-hearted and forgiving. When he's wrong he admits his mistakes.

Personal relations: Ştefan wants to please everyone and because of this can sometimes get in trouble. He's polite. Takes under his wing Baian, because they are the same age and Baian wants to learn things from him.

Special skills: Handles the sword and the dagger very well, was trained at the castle from young age. He's also a perfect horseman, but the most important of his ability is to make friends, when necessary they save him from impossible situations.

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