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Character Profile

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Hannah Dundee is a diplomat, scholar, scientist and explorer from the city of Wassoon.

Wassoon is one of a handful of 26th Century Earth settlements created after humans emerged from a 500 year period spent in underground bunkers to escape the ecological disaster of the 1990s.

Story (From the arcade game flyer)

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"Early 26th Century... 100 years have past (sic) since men and dinosaurs became (sic) to live together. Suddenly the poachers appeared from somewhere and began to slaughter the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs go on a rampage and the whole world is now in confusion. To reveal their evil plot, 4 braves get together! Their adventure has just begun!!"

Hannah Dundee in Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Game

A genius scientist and a cool head. Her fighting style is that of a man and she has an iron will. She is proficient in using items and is a high jumper. She also mastered a triangular jump.

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