Pym Particles

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Through the years this scientific discovery has been abused by other characters in the Marvel Universe. From Shield, to villains, and even from second-rate copies of Hank's old idenities. I say go out and claim your particles back! If Iron Man can give it a whirl in Armor Wars 1 & 2. Then give poor Hank the chance to tell the Marvel Universe, " Screw you these are mine"!

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Not much for me to say. I don't mind Ant-Man using Pym Particles since well.... he needs Pym Particles to BE Ant-Man.

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Ya go get them Pym Particles back.....


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Yeah but its named after him but its a scientific discovery like discovering radiation, not a patented object or specific designs like Stark's tech. Its like unstable molecules or adamantium, no one person has total claim over them even if they did invent it.

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I don't think that would be wise ..... I mean the smartes minds in the Marvel U have knowledge on how to make them later on we would see in the story Reed Particles and Stark Particles and even Doom Particles!

At least he stil gets cretit for it in the name "PYM Particles"

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