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Are people of Comic Vine aware that Matthew Broderick is going to play Ant-Man? FERRIS BUELLER THE SUPERHERO !

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Well to be honest I thought Michael Keaton would ruin the movie Batman, but after watching it I was slightly amused. The point is don't judge the movie before watching it. Now I know absolutely nothing about  Hank Pym other than the cartoon so I don't have any idea what type of person he is in the comics. But the point is give it a chance and if it bombs wait for the re-boot.  Now if you want to argue about bad casting check out Seth Rogen as the Green Hornet. Still I'll take my own advise, watch the movie and pray he doesn't ruin one of my favorites.

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He's a getting a bit old now, but I think he'll be able to pull off Hank's idiosyncratic self-esteem levels excellently.

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I think Broderick has the right look for it and it's not like Pym is an action hero, he doesn't have to be played by a young dude. In fact it's probably better that he isn't, that he's going to be played by a kinda-old, geeky-looking guy. Also, I wouldn't say Broderick is an A-list actor. Which is good. Because Pym isn't an A-list hero. 
To be fair though, the OP never said it was a bad thing, lol

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This is the first I've heard of this, and I think he is an offbeat choice.. So I think I like it. 

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 If you want proof, check his wiki page.

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