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Hank Pym has held several identities.
Hank Pym has held several identities.

Dr. Henry Christopher "Hank" Pym grew up with an ordinary family in Nebraska. His family was poor, which led to his father complaining why he couldn't invent something useful instead. The only one who drove Hank to follow his imagination was his grandma. He was an ordinary, but brilliant, young biochemist until his wife, Maria Trovaya, was murdered on a trip to Hungary. Devastated by the loss of his wife, Hank suffered his first mental breakdown. After recovering, he decided to focus his scientific work on things that could help him battle inhumanity and injustice. This new focus eventually lead him to discover a rare group of particles that could be used to alter someone's size. Thus Pym Particles were discovered.


Hank Pym was created by Stan Lee, co-created and drawn by Jack Kirby, and scripted by Larry Lieber. He first appeared as Hank Pym in the horror-story "The Man In The Ant Hill!" in Tales to Astonish issue 27 (Jan. 1962). His first appearance as Ant-Man was in Tales to Astonish issue 35 (Sep. 1962).

Character Evolution

Age of Ultron #10.A.I. (variant)

Hank Pym has been a polarizing figure within the Comic Book Industry. His most infamous, and oft-referenced, moment is the time he struck his wife, Janet Van Dyne. Though Hank was suffering from increasingly debilitating mental issues at the time, and the actual event was the result of an artist's mistake, the scene has become one of the most famous instances of domestic violence in Comics. Hank himself accepted his mistake and has tried to atone for it ever since. Arguably, the character's most important series is Mighty Avengers by Dan Slott, which was essentially a Character Study for Pym himself. The series showcased a formerly timid Hank Pym after the Skrull Invasion and consequent defeat of his doppelganger. Hank took on the moniker; "Wasp" in order to pay respects to his late ex-wife. In addition to the name change, Hank also became far more self-confident and grew into the role as leader for a new generation of Avengers.

During this time, Hank has shown some of the most impressive displays of scientific aptitude in the Marvel Universe. Perhaps the most important moment for Hank Pym came when he was declared the Scientist Supreme by the extra-dimensional entity, Eternity. Hank was given the position over other minds such as Richards, Stark and Doom because he approached science as a means of making the impossible possible, rather than just a tool for exploration or engineering.

After the end of Dark Reign, Pym was appointed as the Head of Avengers Academy. Hank's ability to empathise with the troubled students made him the perfect mentor for the new era of heroes.

Major Story Arcs

The Man in the Ant-Hill

Pre-Avengers Hank Pym
Pre-Avengers Hank Pym

Originally, Hank Pym thought that his size changing serum was too dangerous and destroyed it. Weeks later, he realized he couldn't let his greatest discovery be lost to the ages and reconstituted the serums. He studied ants, their behavior, and eventually developed a cybernetic helmet to communicate with them. Throughout his career as Ant-Man, he was only seen in costume in miniature size. Its not clear whether he did this to better hide his secret identity or to hide the method by which he changed size (by first splashing size-altering serum on himself then later by inhaling size-altering gas). Having no quick way to move around, Hank would usually launch himself toward crime scenes using a catapult he had rigged in the wall of his laboratory. He would land softly on a pile of helpful ants. Like a hero from pulp adventures, Hank Pym employed a network of informants all throughout Manhattan. The ants of the city listened to everything the population said and if any asked for help from "Ant-Man", Hank soon received the message. With the help of his hexapoda allies Hank was able to stem the tide of most minor crimes. His skill at stopping criminals became so widely regarded that many criminals decided they needed to eliminate Ant-Man before they even began their nefarious careers. Some of these villains included the Protector, the Hijacker and the Voice . Hank found himself under regular threat by villains such as Comrade X , alien beings such as Kulla, and scientific catastrophes such as his battle with the Scarlet Beetle or the Timemaster. Hank's greatest foe was also a scientist, Elihas Starr (later known as Egghead ). Elihas was fired from his military contracts for selling atomic secrets to the enemies of America. A local gang figured they needed brains to defeat Ant-Man and hired Elihas. Elihas realized the the bulk of Ant-Man's power came from his ability to control ants, and reasoned that this must be accomplished through enslavement. He built a device that allowed him to speak with ants. He told them that in order to be free of their enslavement they should bring Ant-Man to a designated spot to be trapped. The ants told Ant-Man about the trap and he had countermeasures in place to escape Egghead's traps. Egghead was now a wanted criminal hiding on the edges of society. The battle with Egghead and others had been close and Hank realized that he could really use a partner...

The Duo

Hank giving Jan her powers
Hank giving Jan her powers

Hank Pym first met Janet Van Dyne when her father, noted astrophysicist, approached Hank to see if he would collaborate on a project he was working on. Hank turned down the offer and Janet almost slipped out his life; even after they left Hank was haunted by how much Janet looked like his murdered wife Maria. Vernon Van Dyne continued his experiments to pierce through the void of space and detect signals originating from other planets. On one night, something terrible answered his signal. Pilai, an alien criminal from Kosmos, rode the telescope beam back to Earth and scared Vernon to death. Janet didn't know who to call for help and phoned Hank who at first thought she was pulling his leg. Upon consulting with his ant information network, he found out the horrible truth and went to her as Ant-Man to help. Janet loved her father dearly, she felt she must avenge him. Ant-Man told her to call the F.B.I. and alert them of the alien menace and then go to Hank Pym's laboratory. Back at the lab, Hank revealed to Janet that he was Ant-Man and offered to give her the power to shrink, wings and antennae...a human wasp. She vowed to avenge her father and bring justice to all who need it. As Ant-Man and Wasp, the new dynamic twosome tracked down the monster responsible for her father's death. Wasp's desire to prove to Hank that she was not a child almost resulted in her untimely death as Ant-Man's ants were not able to approach the creature. Ant-Man discovered that the creature was largely based on formic acid and concocted a substance to neutralize its physical form. For a while, Janet and Hank were a solitary team they faced many threats including a return of Egghead, who captured Jan as bait, a trip to Greece that had them fighting a robot cyclops and space aliens bent on conquest, and even a powersuited villain known as the Porcupine. It was during this time that Hank realized his catapult was of little use when Jan could fly and enlisted the aid of a flying ant named Korr to help him travel faster. They would have continued to fight evil as just Ant-Man and Wasp if one day they did not receive a radio signal from the teen brigade stating the Hulk must be found...

The Avengers

Hank as Ant-Man with his fellow Avengers
Hank as Ant-Man with his fellow Avengers

Ant-Man and Wasp were not the only heroes to answer the call, both Iron Man and Thor also heard the call for help. Together they tracked the Hulk to a circus and tried to get him to turn himself in. Iron Man, Ant-Man and Wasp fought the green behemoth for a long time until Thor realized that their mission was false and that his half-brother Loki was the cause of all the mischief. Hank and Janet realized that the five of them all had different powers and if they combined forces they would be unstoppable. All agreed it was a sound idea and Janet dubbed them the Avengers. Being an Avenger brought both benefits and disadvantages. One of the first changes to Hank Pym's life was accidental creation of the Giant Man identity. Hank found that if he grew to a height of more than 12 feet, he would be unable to stand properly.

Hank became Giant Man not much after he joined the Avengers
Hank became Giant Man not much after he joined the Avengers

This lead to a refinement of the Pym serum into a series of color-coded pills to allow quicker size change. With his work on the Avengers against threats such as the Space Phantom and Namor, fame followed them and soon Hank and Jan had to deal with a Giant Man fan club that followed them. Separate from the Avengers, Hank and Jan were handed their first defeat at the spinning hands of the Human Top (Dave Cannon, later called Whirlwind). During this time, Janet began to notice changes in Hank's behavior. Whenever he was enlarged as Giant Man he was more reckless in his behavior and acted selfishly like he was too good for anyone or anything. The Human Top would continue to plague Hank Pym and Janet and eventually become obsessed with making Janet his woman. Away from the Avengers, Hank and Jan continued to pile up an impressive rogue's gallery including a host of aliens, the Black Knight, and the dictator from Santo Rico named El Toro. Hank's relationship with the Avengers began to become strained as they ignored the threat of the Mole Man that his ant network warned him about. He was blown off by Thor, rejected by the rest of the Avengers, and even Wasp who refused to help because she had a hair appointment. Shortly thereafter, Janet was critically injured in battle with Count Nefaria and Hank and Jan decided to take a leave of absence from the Avengers.

Back to the Avengers

Back with the Avengers as Goliath
Back with the Avengers as Goliath

After leaving the Avengers, Hank and Jan tried to retire only to be drawn time and time again into battle with super villains like Attuma, Madam Macabre, the Human Top and finally Hidden Man. The Hidden Man was an alien who using a specially created ray gun that robbed Hank of his ability to shrink to Ant-Man size. The Pym Particles that Hank Pym used to change size began to have terrible effects on his biology. It became increasingly difficult for Hank to growth in size without causing himself great pain. Janet was captured by the warlike Atlantean Attuma, frightened that he would unable to rescue her on his own Hank again enlisted the aid of the Avengers and again donned his tights as the hero Goliath. As Goliath, Hank was a regular figure in the Avengers Mansion as he struggled to stabilize his size-changing ability. During this time he made friends with a new lab partner named Bill Foster who would help Hank stabilize his powers and eventually adopt the costume identity of Black Goliath himself.

Ultron Lives!

Birth of Ultron
Birth of Ultron

Hank Pym started working more and more in the field of robotics, eventually wanting to create a living robot himself. Hank eventually managed to create Ultron. This was to be a technological landmark, but the robot soon intellectually surpassed Pym, rebelled against him and eventually fought the Avengers. The fact that Hank had created this homicidal robot caused Hank much grief. Hank's mental instability was tested yet again when the Avengers faced a new Masters Of Evil. This team was organized by a figure known as the Crimson Cowl and was composed of Klaw, Whirlwind (formerly the Human Top), Melter and Radioactive Man. This evil force was successful at capturing the Avengers and would have killed them if not for the timely intervention of Black Knight (see Dane Whitman). The Crimson Cowl was revealed to be an insane robotic entity that called itself Ultron-5.

Weeks later, Janet is attacked in her apartment by a strange being, a synthezoid named the Vision. The Vision collapsed before capturing Jan and was taken back to Avengers headquarters to be examined by Hank. Vision regained consciousness and briefly attacked the Avengers before revealing that he was built by a robot named Ultron-5 and was sent to kill them. With the Vision's help Ultron-5 was destroyed. Later Hank realized that months ago he had been working on making an artificial being but couldn't remember the result of the experiment or why he had stopped. When the Avengers traveled to Hank's home to investigate they found the building sealed up but completely repaired, yet Hank couldn't remember having it fixed up since he had an unsuccessful experiment with the Dragon Man. Using technology Hank had in the lab to stimulate his memories he remembered building a robotic life form with artificial intelligence. The robot called him father and tried to kill him, Hank resisted but was defeated by Ultron-1. Ultron used his ultrobeam to hypnotize Hank to make him forget that Ultron was even born and to leave this domicile forever. Hank had just created the Avengers' most powerful and versatile enemy. Hank descended into his 2nd nervous breakdown.

Yellowjacket is Born

Yellowjacket is born
Yellowjacket is born

A new cocky and confident hero arrived on the streets of New York, dressed in yellow and black. He spoke to police after stopping a robbery and even waited to spell his name Yellowjacket so that the papers would get it right. Yellowjacket then went to Avengers Mansion and demanded that he be offered membership. He told the Avengers that he had killed Hank Pym, battled the Avengers and kidnapped Janet Van Dyne. In Yellowjacket's secret lair, the Hornet's Nest, Janet and Yellowjacket kiss and Janet realizes that Yellowjacket is Hank Pym. Janet decides to accept Yellowjacket's proposal of marriage much to the surprise of the rest of the Avengers. When Hawkeye challenges Jan's decision, she tells him, "I loved Henry Pym ... but he let my money plus his never-ending research stand in his way! Now Hank is gone ... but I've got another chance for happiness." While this exchange occurs, Yellowjacket is summoned from the future by Rick Jones to participate in the Destiny War only to be returned moments later. Janet and Yellowjacket were married in a superhero laden ceremony. There marital bliss was almost cut short when the Circus Of Crime attempted to kidnap Janet Van Dyne. Confronted with the near death of Janet, Hank reverted to his Goliath identity to save her. He revealed one day when working in his lab he must have been distracted and accidentally spilled some untested chemicals. The resultant gases caused a schizophrenic break that resulted in the creation of the Yellowjacket personality. Hank and Jan remained married and he continued to use the Yellowjacket identity, with Hawkeye becoming the team's second Goliath. Similar to his time as Ant-Man, as Yellowjacket Hank again patrolled the streets as a costumed adventurer instead of just acting in response to emergencies as an Avenger. This lead him into conflict with the white supremacist's group known as the Sons Of The Serpent. Yellowjacket joined the Defenders in a "Defender for a Day" capacity through the Sons Of The Serpent crisis. He along with Doctor Strange, Nighthawk and Valkyrie were captured by the Sons Of The Serpent as traitors to the white race. They were later rescued by Hellstorm and Luke Cage.

Another Breakdown


Beyond the simple destruction of all life on the planet, Hank's insane robotic son, Ultron decided that he would like a wife. He constructed a body for his wife but lacked the skill necessary to bring her to life. Ultron attacked Hank and erased Hank's memories of his time with the Avengers. Ultron convinced Hank that a powerful evil was inhabiting the Avenger's Mansion and that they had captured Jan. Hank again suffered a mental breakdown and attacked the Avengers as Ant-Man and almost succeeded in defeating the team. Wasp was able to knock Hank unconscious, but Ultron intervened and disabled the Avengers, captured Jan and returned to his lair with Hank. Ultron sedated Jan and strapped her into a machine that would transfer her life force into his robotic wife. When Hank awoke, he was told that Jan had been critically injured and would die within the hour if her life force was not transferred into the new robotic body. As Jan's life force was being transferred, the robotic Jocasta used her powers to contact the Avengers for help. The Avengers were able to interrupt the process and Jan was saved. The robot Jocasta became dormant for months. Hank still could not remember his past, but over time and with help it return. Hank's growing feelings of inadequacy and failure would soon lead him to many desperate acts.

Too Much Stress

Facing a court-martial
Facing a court-martial

Being a hero was never something that Hank was completely comfortable with, as an Avenger he frequently felt outclassed, and his feelings of inadequacy soon destroyed his self esteem and drove him to irrational acts. He had been in and out of the Avengers many times but following the unexpected resignation of Beast and Wonder Man, Hank was going to get another shot at being a hero. The stress unfortunately proved too much from him and his marriage suffered. He was constantly infuriated with Janet's flightiness, her lateness and accused her of flaunting her money at every opportunity, and told her that he didn't need her anymore. During a battle against an unknown foe who called herself the Elfqueen, Hank had a breakdown again, and savagely struck out at the Elfqueen with his bio-stings after the combat had resolved itself. This irrational behavior led Captain America to launch a court martial hearing against Yellowjacket. Thor called for a formal hearing to begin in three days and Hank was suspended in the meantime. Hank retreated into the lab in his and Janet's home and set about to build a robot. A robot he would program to attack the Avengers, as he built the robot he would know how to disable it. This act of heroism would show the other Avengers that he was too valuable of a member to eject from the group. Janet discovered what he was planning. They argued and Hank tested the robot on her to show her what a good plan he had made. She tried to stop him going through with his plan and he slapped her, sending her crashing to the ground. At the hearing, Hank tried to blame Captain America for his actions as though the Elfqueen was bewitching Captain America. No one believed Hank, and Janet begged Hank to stop. The others were shocked to see her blackened eye. Hank still unleashed the robot, named Salvation I, but got caught by it instead and had to be rescued by Jan. He left the Avengers in disgrace. Hank's marriage fell apart with this abuse and he was left to wander the streets without the support of the Avengers of hope of a brighter future. When Hank was at his lowest he was approached by his arch-enemy, Egghead. Egghead pleaded with Hank to help him repair his relationship with his niece, Trish Starr, whom Egghead had previously maimed. Egghead fashioned a cybernetic arm for Trish and asked Hank to take it to her and install it, offered him five hundred thousand dollars to perform this task, insisting that Hank take the money since he was currently in debt. As Yellowjacket, Hank delivers the gift and installs it onto a reluctant Trish. Unfortunately, Egghead designed the arm to take control of Trish's body and made Hank swear allegiance to him or she would be killed. Egghead used Hank to help him steal the U.S. government's entire supply of Adamantium. While on Egghead's mission Hank tripped an alarm that would alert the Avengers and he and Trish were later apprehended. Using the arm, Egghead implanted false memories in Trish and she told the Avengers that Hank had talked her into attaching the arm and forced her into committing the robbery. Hank was remanded into custody to await trial for treason. Hank was visited in prison by Scott Lang ( Ant-Man II) who upon hearing of Egghead's involvement offered to spring Hank so that they could track down the truth. Hank refused because he felt he couldn't afford to screw-up anymore and he would trust the legal system to gain his freedom. Hank's time in custody was made worse by the fact that Iron Man started to date Janet just a month after her divorce from Hank. Hank's trail was interrupted by the arrival of Egghead's Masters Of Evil. The Masters Of Evil kidnapped Hank, however when Shocker was left behind he told the Avengers] that Dr. Pym had hired them to bust him out. Now discredited completely in the media, in public opinion and within the Avengers, Egghead offered Hank a new beginning in the Masters Of Evil. Shocker's lies were eventually discovered and the Avengers tracked Egghead to his lair to save Hank. While the Avengers were planning how best to resolve the situation, Hank single-handedly defeated the Beetle, Tiger Shark, Moonstone, Radioactive Man and Egghead. Hawkeye arrived just in time to prevent Egghead from killing Hank but Hawkeye's actions resulted in Egghead's death instead. Moonstone copped a plea to reveal the true extent of Egghead's plan and Hank was exonerated of treason. Hawkeye was also found innocent of any wrong doing in the death of Egghead. The Avengers also held a hearing into the incident and Hank testified on Hawkeye's behalf. Hank told the Avengers that trying to play superhero was the biggest mistake of his life. He left the Yellowjacket identity in the Avengers' care, made peace with Janet and left New York with a recovering Trish Starr.

West Coast Avengers

Hank and Ultron 12 during his tenure at the West Coast Avengers
Hank and Ultron 12 during his tenure at the West Coast Avengers

Following his acquittal in the theft of Adamantium due to Egghead’s manipulation, Hank drifted for a time before ending up on the doorsteps of the Avengers West Coast compound. Hawkeye welcomed Hank back with open arms even trying to give him a spot on the team. Hank declined the offer for membership but stayed on as a scientific adviser to the team and for the opportunity to study the Goliath.

The peace of Hank’s new scientific life was shattered by the post- Secret Wars appearance of his greatest creation, Ultron-12. Teamed with Grim Reaper, Man-Ape, Black Talon and Nekra, Ultron was able to capture much of the Avengers West Coast. Hank was able to help Wonder Man overcome his self-doubts which lead to the team’s escape. Ultron-12 had a different outlook on life and no longer hated his father and sought to actually make amends. Hank looked at this outreach with skepticism but decided that he needed to investigate the possibility even if only to find out what Ultron-12’s actual motives were. However, Ultron-12’s time on this earth was limited as Ultron-11 had actually escaped the Secret Wars and still hated his father immensely. While Ultron-11 tried to kill Hank, Ultron-12 sought Wonder Man’s help in saving Hank. Ultron-12 died saving his father’s life.

Hank starts a relationship with the young woman known as Tigra
Hank starts a relationship with the young woman known as Tigra

While with the Avengers West Coast, Hank became romantically involved with Tigra. At the time, Tigra was having issues controlling her own behavior and Hank provided her moral support in reclaiming her humanity. Eventually, Tigra decided she needed to free herself of the Balkatar’s curse. Hank felt that once Tigra was human again they would retire from the Avengers together permanently. With the aid of Daimon Hellstrom and Hellcat, the Avengers West Coast journeyed into the demonic realms to confront the Balkatar. Tigra eventually had her Tigra and human personalities merged into a single complete being. The newly merged Tigra didn’t feel the same way about Hank as she did before. The rejection led Hank back to the edge of darkest he suffered during earlier breakdowns and when goaded by Whirlwind he almost fell to his death. The next time the Avengers West Coast left their headquarters on a mission, Hank began to put his affairs in order. He wrote individual letters to all of his teammates, called and apologized to Jan for all the problems he caused them and their marriage, loaded his gun and raised the gun to his temple…

Before Hank was able to free himself from a lifetime of doubt, regret, failure and inadequacy, a guardian angel named Espirita (see Firebird) appeared to save him. She encourages Hank to be a hero using the gifts that god gave him and stop trying to emulate other heroes. She vows to stay with him to help him reclaim his life and he drops the gun. Espirita and Hank talk for a long time, he tells her about the creation of Pym Particles and they begin to speculate on what else they could be used for over a quiet dinner. Later they discuss his work in robotics, his research on Dragon Man and the eventual creation of Ultron. With Espirita’s help he constructed a unique bug-eyed vehicle that flies, can shoot flame, acid or gas, has climbing capabilities, has grappling capabilities, limited intelligence and answers to the name Rover. He work with Espirita also helped him realize that he could shrink and enlarge object near him so that he could carry all sorts of wondrous gear. As Doctor Pym, he could be just as valuable an Avenger as any other member. Renewed Doctor Pym, Espirita and a newly encountered Moon Knight were able to rescue the Avengers West Coast who had become lost in time. From that point on, Hank Pym was an active member of the Avengers West Coast as Doctor Pym, scientific adventurer. Thus renewed Pym brought a technical and analytic mind to the team that could not be matched. He would carry a veritable arsenal of weapons and devices shrunk within his costume that he could call up at a seconds notice. He was even able to reconcile with Jan. When Vision was dismantled by the United States government, Hank rebuilt the Vision based upon the information they had on his assembly. Hank realized as he worked on the Vision that he could not have been based on the original android Human Torch, Jim Hammond. Hank reasoned that Ultron-5 must have used the same castes to mold Vision's parts but not actually the android Human Torch’s actual body.

Operation Galactic Storm and Onslaught

Sacrifice against Onslaught
Sacrifice against Onslaught

Near the end of the Avengers West Coast's tenure Hank was a member of the Earth-616 team of Avengers during the events of Operation Galactic Storm. He was also involved, though under duress, in the construction and programming of Ultron's second bride, Alkhema (called WarToy initially). Alkhema was designed with Mockingbird mind engrams. Hank Pym was one of the Avengers thought to have been killed in the battle with the monster known as Onslaught. Hank and his fellow Avengers were lost in a Counter Earth created by Franklin Richards for just over a year.

The Return to 616

Avengers by George Perez

Following the Avengers return from Counter-Earth, Hank resumed the heroic identity of Giant Man and fought Frost Giants in the deep arctic until Morgan Le Fay re-imagined the world. He was unable to shake off Morgan Le Fey's enchantment and served her loyally until Scarlet Witch defeated her. Hank, Wasp, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor sat down as the founders of the Avengers to decide who would stay on the team. Hank had recently got a new job at a research firm, so he would not be seeking active membership. Hank and Jan briefly suited up for the Avengers' Day celebration that the city of New York threw to welcome the heroes back. During the events of that day, the Avengers were attacked by the Grim Reaper and a new Legion of the Unliving composed of fallen comrades. Following the defeat of the Grim Reaper, Hank served as a scientific adviser to the group and was called in by Scarlet Witch to consult on the nature of Firestar's powers. He created for her a bio-circuitry suit to wear under her costume that would drain away any microwave energy that tried to harmfully build up in her body. It would also train her own body's resistance over a period of six months.

Destiny Wars


When the enigmatic Time Keepers decided that humanity was too great a threat to the multiverse, they sent their agent Immortus to kill Rick Jones. This plan was opposed by the Kree Supreme Intelligence, Libra and Kang who felt humanity had a right to find its own future, instead of one shaped by the Time Keepers. When Rick was attacked, Libra kickstarted the Destiny Force with Rick to draw champions to his side from the very fabric of time itself. A rag-tag team of Avengers was formed including two who were Hank Pym–an ill-at-ease hero Giant Man from the post-onslaught era and a cocky and deranged Yellowjacket from the day of his wedding to Janet. The assembled Avengers decided it would be better to take the fight to Immortus than hide outside the timestream as Libra and Kang recommended. The Yellowjacket that is part of this team is still deranged and believes completely that he actually killed Hank Pym and Janet and him must still be living together happily in the future. Giant Man is completely uncomfortable with the inclusion of Yellowjacket and instead of confronting the issue retreats into an analytic frame of mind trying to find the bigger picture. In their attempt to track Immortus they arrive in a Chronopolis that is under siege but are able to procure a sphinx-shaped timeship from Kang before Chronopolis is wiped from existence. A heated argument between Hawkeye and Libra results in Libra leaving the Avengers on a timeship they have no experience using. By the combined genius of Hank Pym and Hank Pym, the Avengers gain control over the ship and begin to locate various temporal anomalies that Immortus has created in order to disrupt his plans. This has the Avengers in many different eras of Earth-616’s history and future including: Giant Man and Captain America traveling to Earth-616 during the Killraven’s time, Hawkeye, Songbird and Yellowjacket traveling to Kid Colt and Two-Gun Kid’s wild west, and Wasp and Genis-Vell travel to the 1950’s Avengers (see Agents of Atlas) era. The Avengers fail to prevent Immortus’ tampering and discover that all the major events in Avengers history have been carefully sculpted according to his plan. Having been rebuked by Janet already, Yellowjacket tries to pick up Songbird, who points out that he is Hank Pym and that in her future he is married to her best friend, Janet. The Avengers travel to Limbo in search of Immortus and must face their own personal hells, except for Yellowjacket it is actually just his future. A future of misery and failure, as he will eventually return to being the over sized sap known as Henry Pym, a loser who lost his wife and was kicked out of the Avengers. To free himself from this future, he decides to betray his teammates to Immortus. Using his cybernetic helmet and some Limbo Bugs he tracks the Avengers when they flee Limbo and captures them for Immortus. The Avengers awaken trapped in the era of the Terran Empire, there they faced the destructive reality of what their organization may eventually become before being led by Yellowjacket to Immortus and the Time Keepers. After considering some possibilities and viewing Immortus’s work to manipulate the Avengers over time as a failure, they decide that the only way to protect their existence is to wipe out all but a handful of time lines that will result in their creation. Yellowjacket is appalled by the thought of billions and billions of timelines being wiped out even if it means he will get a happier future. When the Destiny Force surprisingly reasserts itself in the Avengers, Yellowjacket summons the cavalry in the form of Rick Jones, Kang, and the Kree Supreme Intelligence on their “Supreme Cycle”. The Time Keepers flee but the Avengers are able to follow them with the help of the cybernetically controlled Limbo Bugs. With the fate of humanity’s future in the balance, Avengers from all the positive time lines fight against Avengers from all the negative timelines in a temporal war for their own destiny. The battle is ended when Rick Jones destroys the Time Keepers' weapon, Kang kills the Time Keepers and Captain America destroys the Forever crystal. Yellowjacket was returned to his wedding day with no memory of the Destiny War and Giant Man was returned to the present with a new perspective on his character when he was Yellowjacket.

Return of Ultron

Ultron Rises
Ultron Rises

Following the events of the Destiny War, Hank was offered the position of deputy leader of the Avengers but refused to continue to work on creating communication networks based on insect hive designs. He said that he and Jan would remain on the Avengers reserve list. What Hank didn't realize was that his employment and research track was actually being suggested and formed by Ultron who plotted the destruction of the human race. It wasn't long before Hank found himself once again a captive of his robotic son. Ultron had big plans this time but they wouldn't go unopposed. Alkhema attacked a Wakanda Design Group facility in Long Island to lure the Avengers into a trap and hopefully kill them to spoil Ultron's plans. Meanwhile, Ultron and his forces decimated the country of Slorenia and declared it a new robotic homeland. Next he captured the rest of his family, (Vision,Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Wasp and Eric Williams, also known as Grim Reaper), to use their mental templates as the background for a new race of robotic men and women. Desperate to save their comrades and terrified that Ultron's war would spill over into neighboring countries, the Avengers lead an assault into the heart of Slorenia. While Ultron torments his captors, duplicate Ultrons battle the Avengers]' assault force. While Ultron steals the mental engrams of his extended family, Hank reveals that the original personality Hank used for Ultron was his own. In a way, Hank has always been the Avengers' greatest threat. Vision was able to free the captive Avengers, and Hank destroyed Ultron by pummeling him with Antarctic Vibranium, which is known to vibrationally destroy any other metal it contacts. The Avengers left the wasteland of Slorenia, but Alkhema: arrived and recovered the mental engrams Ultron had collected. Following the Slorenia incident, Hank was excited to return to the Avengers in an active capacity as Goliath. Little did the Avengers realize that when they selected Goliath to rejoin the team full time, so too did they gain a Yellowjacket. During Hank's final confrontation with Ultron, the strain of the battle caused him to manifest another Hank Pym formed from material that is gained and lost as he changes size. This split in physical form made it difficult on Goliath to change size without suffering painful spasms. As Goliath, Hank helped the Avengers battle Kulan Gath, Maggia, and Count Nefaria until Yellowjacket captured and replaced him. Yellowjacket held Hank prisoner in the Hornet's Nest while he masqueraded as Hank. Yellowjacket masqueraded as Goliath, but the signs of personality shift were clearly present. He even began to chew gum incessantly, a habit Yellowjacket could never resist. With the Avengers lately always on the defensive Janet reorganized the team into a number of strike forces and assembled the Avengers' intelligence so they could keep better track of the potential Avengers-level threats.


The first threat that the revitalized team had to deal with was an outbreak of the Kalkhimithia city's population turning into the Hulks. Hank discovered that the population's transformation was unstable and if Hulks were knocked today they would meld into a smaller number of entities. Hank continued to combine Hulks, despite the protests of his teammates until he combined them all into a single entity, a Mega-Hulk that stood over 100 ft. tall. With Banner's help they were able to drain the radiation out of the population of Klalkhimithia and restore the people to their true form. During the events of the Kang Dynasty, the second Hank Pym began to suffer many of the same pains and weaknesses that the first Hank had suffered after their separation. Kang declared that anyone who rose up to claim part of the world but declared allegiance to Kang would have a place in his new world order. Violence broke out almost immediately. Since Yellowjacket suffered pain anytime he enlarged, he changed identities and became Yellowjacket again. Amidst the chaos of Kang's war, no one had much time to question him. Yellowjacket quickly collapsed and began to fade from existence. He was rushed to Avengers Mansion for treatment. Passing in an out of consciousness, Yellowjacket told Janet that there was a fake Hank held out in the Hornet's Nest and he shouldn't be left there to die alone. With the help of the Triune Understanding, Hank, Goliath and Yellowjacket were reintegrated into a single complete being. Hank Pym emerged from the situation with a new sense of self, having reconciled his time as Yellowjacket and proudly used that identity again. See Ultron Unlimited.

On-a-Again and Off-again

Hank and Janet remained in a turbulent relationship
Hank and Janet remained in a turbulent relationship

Hank and Janet both remained Avengers until the team disbanded. While lounging around the pool one day and having a few drinks, Janet was talking about her recent relationship with Hawkeye and stumbled onto the topic of children, accidentally reminding Scarlet Witch of the children that she had created and lost. The memory of her children as well as a lifetime of trouble controlling her reality-altering powers caused Wanda to lose her mind, subconsciously turning her powers on her friends and teammates. Hank was with Tony Stark and the Scarlet Witch herself when the attacks began. Hank watched as an out of control Stark nearly attacked a Latveria United Nations delegate in a drunken rage brought on by Wanda while the mansion suffered attacks by the reanimated corpse of Jack Of Hearts, an out of control Vision, a group of Ultron robots, and finally an enraged She-Hulk. Hank finally arrived at the scene in time to find the wrecked mansion and unconscious Janet. In his giant size Hank rushed Janet to the hospital for treatment. Stuck in her miniature form the doctors were unable to do much for Janet without causing more damage, leaving her in critical condition and the wrecked Hank Pym to weep over her hospital bed. Hank remained with Janet while their fellow Avengers battled an invading fleet of Kree warriors (generated by the Scarlet Witch) as well as subduing the Scarlet Witch herself. When Janet awoke to find that Hank had stayed with her long enough to grow a beard without moving while she was comatose she decided to give their relationship another chance. Hank accepted a position at Oxford in hopes that a change of scenery would be good for them.

The Big House

Shortly after leaving the Avengers again, Hank was contracted by the United States government to build a new kind of superhuman prison. The “Big House” is the common name for the Pym Experimental Penitentiary. Hank Pym designed the facility to contain many superhuman criminals within a small area. All the detainees at the Big House are shrunk using a variant form of Pym Particles that reduces the target’s strength as well as size. The Hank was sued by the Superhuman Law Firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg and Holliway when Holden Holliway's Granddaughter, Southpaw, got sent to the penitentiary. GLK&H used this lawsuit to force Hank to enlarge Southpaw who was placed in She-Hulk's protective custody. At the time a large number of inmates had shrunken themselves down and hide on She-Hulk. When Southpaw was enlarged, the other inmates enlarged as well and attempted to escape. This one successful breakout from the facility that was orchestrated by the Mad Thinker. The escape of multiple inmates was prevented by quick action on the part of She-Hulk, Yellowjacket and Awesome Andy. Hank was contracted by SHIELD to produce a new Ant-Man power-suit that could be utilized by a specially trained SHIELD agent. During the final stages of this project, the SHIELD Helicarrier he was working on came under attack by a Hydra controlled Wolverine. During Wolverine's battle with SHIELD agents, Hank exited his lab only to be assaulted by Eric O'Grady (a low ranking SHIELD agent). Eric O'Grady currently wears the Ant-Man prototype suit. Hank is assisting SHIELD. in tracking Eric down by the using a device that can detect the radiation emitted by Pym Particles. Since the particles have an extremely short half-life, the device can only be used at shortly after a size change.

Civil War

Ant Man
Ant Man

During the Civil War, Hank Pym registered with the government and was a key supporter of Iron Man. He was instrumental in the creation of the Thor clone (Clor) that killed Bill Foster, also known as Goliath. Hank also worked with SHIELD to train superhuman teams that were set to be part of the 50 states Initiative. At the close of the Civil War event he was replaced by Hulkling who disabled the security girds at the Negative Zone prison. Following the events of Civil War, Hank Pym was named Man of the Year by Time Magazine for the technological advances introduced in during the events of Civil War and contributions to the new structure of superheroing.

Hank Pym became a trainer at Camp Hammond, the main (and possibly only) boot camp for Tony Stark's Initiative program. Early in the series run, Pym as Yellowjacket, was seen to be abusing anxiety pills. During a confrontation with the recruit named Trauma, whose power is to morph into his target's worst fear, it is revealed that Pym's fear is that he will never respected after the famous slap incident with his wife.

Later, during an attack on a Hydra Helicarrier Pym grows to tremendous size in order to take down the carrier and causes it to crash and explode. For this he is given a Presidential citation. Pym and Janet moved to Canada after Avengers Disassembled, but after a while they ended another attempt of reconciliation.

Skrull Imposter
Skrull Imposter

Shortly after this Pym was revealed to have been replaced by a Skrull. Pym met and fell in love with a girl that was very interested in Marvel's super-heroes. At one time she asks him if he knew about the Kree-Skrull War and all of a sudden she turns into a Skrull and supposedly kills him. She walks out the the room and bumps into Janet. Janet asks her about her age before saying 'never mind' and then leaves. The Skrull girl, whose name is Criti Noll, calls someone and informs them that the job is done. You see her later being naked, and while blood is dropped on her she shape-shifts into Hank Pym. Skrull Pym says give me one week so i can learn more about him. Next we see Pym talking to the Skrull Spider-Woman about the Scarlet Witch situation and Spider-Woman says they needs to kill her. This is shortly before M-Day.

Mighty Avengers

The Wasp
The Wasp

After the Invasion was over and he was found among other heroes kidnapped by the Skrulls, Pym found out that the love of his life was dead due to a desperate Skrull attack. Devastated, Pym learned all about House of M, Civil War, the death of Captain America , the Initiative, World War Hulk, and Secret Invasion. In which Earth almost had to embrace change. Blaming Iron Man for disbanding the Avengers, destroying his friends and more precisely, for Janet's death. Completely shocked by all these revelations, he locked himself in his lab not only to modify the Pym Particles and make them even safer, but also to create a new alter-ego, one that will honor the greatest hero he'd ever known: The Wasp.

Loki in disguise of the Scarlet Witch assembled a new team of Mighty Avengers with Hank as their leader. Hank would lead this team to victory against the Elder God of chaos Chthon and though he didn't manage to hold the entire team together the remaining members agreed to follow Hank. This created an even bigger gulf between Hank and Tony Stark who Hank blames for many of the world's current problems.

Norman Osborn located his lab and sent H.A.M.M.E.R. to invade the Pym Pocket Base forcing Jocasta to detach the Pym Pocket from its anchor in this dimension. In order to save his lab and all of its contents Hank needed the 'Dimensional Wave Inducer' invented by Bill Foster before his death. After Bill's death Reed Richards confiscated the device despite it having been willed to Hank Pym. Reed refused to give Hank the device he needed saying he didn't trust Hank with such 'Big Science'. After an heated conversation with Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Hank decided to have his Avengers storm the Baxter Building. Hank made it to the device and faced-off against Reed while the Avengers kept the Fantastic Four busy but during the confrontation the device was activated. The two geniuses found themselves traveling through various dimensions simultaneously and had to work together to get home. When Hank showed Reed the dimension he intended to tether his lab to Reed gave Hank the device and the Avengers left without any more of a fight.

With the 'Dimensional Wave Inducer' and Jocasta's nature as an artificial being Hank was able to secure his lab and show his Avengers their new base the Infinite Avengers Mansion. Shortly afterwards with the help of Mr. Fantastic Hank attempted to pierce the barriers of the Macroverse and be the first to travel to Overspace. Overspace is a theoretical plane that Reed and Hank came up with that they believe exists above and apart from all other realities. When he arrives in Overspace he finds himself face to face with Eternity, the living embodiment of almost everything. Having saved reality from chaos by defeating Chthon Eternity thanks Hank and calls him his champion, Hank Pym is Earth's Scientist Supreme.

At first Hank doesn't believe that he could possibly be Scientist Supreme since there are others like Reed Richards or Tony Stark. But Eternity insists that Hank is 'The Mage', he makes impossible things possible and takes science to the very point of magic for no other reason than that he can. Being Eternity's champion, his Avenger gives Hank a brand new confidence to lead the Avengers. Hank Pym helps band together his Mighty Avengers and the Fantastic Four to save the life of Steve Rogers.

One of the Great Minds

Hank is abducted by the Red She-Hulk for the group known as Intelligencia. The Intelligencia group has been collecting some of the smartest minds in the world. Bruce Banner then puts a team together and rescues Hank and the others. While his team of Mighty Avengers are fighting the Thunderbolts in Osborne's siege attempt of Asgard. Hank is back at the Infinite Mansion dealing with Ultron. It seams Ultron still has a mad-on for his Daddy. While Hank is fighting several Ultrons, Jocasta tells Ultron that would marry him if he would seize his fight with Hank.

Married and Siege

Hank then marries Ultron and Jocasta. After the ceremony, Ultron ask Hank why he shouldn't destroy him now. Hank then grins and tells Ultron that he used a Pym wave to call Avengers from different times and places. Ultron doesn't believe Hank, but at that time several doors open and different heroes pops-out of them. Ultron then takes Jocasta in a retreat to the Underspace. Hank then calls off the hologram of the different Avengers. It seams Hank made a good bluff. Hank then uses one of the infinite doors to Asgard to help Thor and his Mighty Avengers save Asgard.

The Academy

Mentor of the Avengers Academy
Mentor of the Avengers Academy

After Siege, Hank Pym founded the Avengers Academy because there was now no way to mentor young heroes. Pym decided to focus on mentoring the people who are most likely to become villains or lose control of their powers. The staff included; Quicksilver, Tigra, Justice and Speedball. Iron Man, Steve Rogers and other Avengers would occasionally give lectures. In his quest to revive Janet, Hank decides he can no longer switch identities as a crutch for his failings and issues. He admits to himself that taking the name Wasp was his way of not having to live without Janet. Deciding that it's time to reclaim his own identity as a hero, Hank Pym once again becomes his Giant Man persona.

While at the Infinite Avenger's mansion, Hank is visited by Eric O'Grady, the current Ant-Man. Eric attempts to warn Hank about an impending theft of one of his inventions, but he dismisses Eric's claims; he is in the middle of solving a dimensional scale problem with Reed Richards and informs Eric that he can't waste any of his considerable intellect insulting him. Clearly nettled, Eric goes off and partakes in some sophomoric shenanigans. He consequently falls asleep, which allows a SleepWalker from the Mindscape to gain access to the Mansion through his mind. She quickly takes the invention she came for and escapes through Eric's head. It turns out that invention was some form of synthetic heaven that Hank had created to house the soul of Bill Foster. The device is now in the hands of AIM, who are attempting deconstruct and re-engineer it. By doing so, they will forever destroy Bill Foster's soul. Hank is determined not let that happen and subsequently teams up with Eric to recapture the device.

Secret Avenger

While Hank was running Avengers Academy he also acted as the science/tech expert along side beast on the Secret Avengers. One of the first enemies the team faced off against was Father and the Descendants, a group of robots back from the past to help Father create the robotic dominated future they hail from. They seemed to have been defeated by Ant-Man(O'Grady), but it turned out he was replaced by an L.M.D. and was spying for Father. This eventually lead to Father taking out the satellite base the secret avengers operated out of and the capture of Hank Pym. Pym was then turned into a deathlok against his will be an alternate deathlok version of his ex-wife Wasp. Even after being turned into a deathlok Hank fought against Father who was trying to unleash nano machines across the world. In the end Father was killed and the nanobots disappeared and Hank returned to normal as the alternate future where the deathlok tech came from no longer existed without Father.

Age of Ultron

Hank as the leader of the Avengers A.I.
Hank as the leader of the Avengers A.I.

In Age of Ultron, Wolverine and Susan Richards travel back in time to kill Hank Pym to stop him from creating Ultron after Ultron as conquered the world. After they tried they found that a world without Hank Pym was even worse than the world they had left behind. The travel back in time again and this time try explaining things to Hank in and effort to fix things. Hank comes up with the idea of building in a built in fail safe to destroy Ultron and then has himself hypnotize to forget doing it or meeting a future version of Sue and Wolverine to prevent any alterations in the timeline. Then on the day Ultron emerged, Hank Pym had set up a hypnotic trigger to cause him to remember everything. He then contacts Iron Man, who was currently engaging Ultron with the other Avengers and give him instructions on how to activate the virus he had created for this day. The plan works and Ultron is taken down very quickly. After learning that the world was actually worse without Hank Pym it re-inspire him to get back out there as an active Avenger.

Avengers A.I.

After Age of Ultron, the Age of A.I. begins. When defeating Ultron, Hank Pym accidentally unleashed a new A.I. into the world, Dimitrios. After that Dimitrios took possession of several SHIELD-drones and attacked several targets, Pym has to gather a team of artificial intelligences to stop it. This team initially consisted of himself, Monica Chang, head of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Artificial Intelligence Division, Vision, Victor Mancha, and a Doombot. While stopping these drones from attacking a hospital, the team found a levitating, amnesiac woman named Alexis.

New Avengers/Illuminati

Hank's return.
Hank's return.

At some point the Illuminati expanded it's members in an effort to stop the incursion problem they were facing, recruiting Amadeus Cho, Captain Britain, and Hank Pym. Pym was sent on a mission into the void left in the wake of destroyed universes in an effort to find the source of the problem. He eventually found the main hub of the Builders and watched them for a while trying to find out if they knew more of the source of the problem. Evenly the Builders he was watching were wiped out by the Beyonders. He then watched them kill most of the celestial beings of the universe (such as the Celestials and the Living Tribunal) eventually when they all fell the Living Tribunal himself fought the beyonders and died. Hank then showed up on earth a little over 6 months later to explain what he saw to the remaining Avengers/Illuminati.

Rage of Ultron

Hank merged with Ultron
Hank merged with Ultron

While the Uncanny Avengers are facing Father and the Descendants, who were back and had manged to get their hands on a Stark Sentinel, Hank arrives on the sight and uses a small device he wears on his wrist he instantly takes out Father and the Descendants. This enrages the Vision and some of the other Avengers and leads to them debating of erasing A.I.'s is murder and weather or not they are alive.

While arguing, Starfox arrives and warns the Avengers that Ultron has taken over the moon Titan and is coming for Earth. Before they have a chance to come up with a solution that doesn't involve using Hank's device, Vision notices and shuts down the cloak that was hiding the moon Ultron had taken over that was now descending over New York. Hank is suddenly tackled by and Ultron drone, who then steals the device. The Avengers try to get it back as some of the teams is over taken by nano machines making them Ultron's puppets. Ultron covers the earth with nano machines and is starting to send out more nanobots to other worlds.

Hank is convinced there is only one option left to stop Ultron and that is to use his device. The Vision talks him into allowing him to try using his phasing powers to try and merge with Ultron so he can command the nano machines to leave their hosts who will likely die if Ultron is killed before using the device. Hank is reluctant but decides to go with the plan. Hank walks into Ultron's throne room demanding to talk to his "son" where he than starts a conversation that leads to Hank starting to show some doubt before vision who was hiding phased inside of Hank's enlarged body jumps into Ultron and merges with him. While merged Ultron begins to beg and plead to Hank for help and Hank grabs his hand telling him to stop. It was a trick by Ultron who than used the visions phasing powers to merge with Hank and push Vision out. All looks lost until Starfox shows up and uses his love powers to force Hank/Ultron to love himself turning all of his self loathing against himself. He then yells in agony before flying away and calling off all of the Ultron tech. Back on earth, the Avengers are shown giving a memorial ceremony to Hank, who they consider to have died a hero. Hank/Ultron is then seen floating in space in the fetal position.

Powers and Abilities


Ant-Man to Giant-Man
Ant-Man to Giant-Man

When active as Ant-Man or Yellowjacket, Pym "had the strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise". When shrank to insect size he still had the same strength. As Giant Man or Goliath his strength varied depending on his height. When 10 feet tall Pym can lift about 0.5 ton. Greater heights give him enormous mass and strain his movement but can be used to give him boosts of strength. When 100 feet tall, Pym can lift almost 100+ tons. This is considered his maximum size and strength level.

Pym has at times shrunk a "variety of weaponry, provisions, and scientific instruments" to microscopic size,allowing him to carry said provisions in his pockets. He can restore them to the original size at will.

Technological Gear

Ant-Man's Helmet
Ant-Man's Helmet

As Ant-Man, Hank Pym constructed a cybernetic helmet that allowed for communication between him and insects, such as ants. It contained three basic components, a receiver, a decoder and a transmitter. He could not control ants in the traditional sense, but when asked they were very willing to help. Later, Hank added a loudspeaker to this helmet so that people would be able to hear him even when he was shrunk down. Ant-Man's original costume was composed of unstable molecules that allowed it to change size when he did and was more resistant to damage. It is unclear whether Mr. Fantastic gave Hank the material or if Hank discovered the process to make unstable molecules himself. Hank went on to develop several costume for himself and Janet Van Dyne, as well as using unstable molecules to make transparent gas masks for military use. His costume was later modified to contain hydraulic boots that could launch him short distances and allow him to land successfully. He also carried an unbreakable nylon rope which he used to lasso opponents and toss them around. As Giant Man, he created a helmet that he could use to shrink or enlarge other objects and people. As Yellowjacket, he wore gloves called "stingers" the could emit bolts of electricity. He had artificial wings implanted in his suit to allow him to fly.

Skills and Training

Hank Pym is a brilliant biochemist and research scientist. He does not like working on practical projects but instead focuses on areas that stretch the imagination. He has great expertise in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence and sub-atomic physics. Hank Pym is trained in Judo.

Scientific Achievements

Hank Pym developed two serums that could be used to increase the size or decrease the size of an object of person. The serum was later made into two canisters of shrinking and enlarging gas and still later into a set of pills that would correspond to a variety of heights. Eventually the active ingredient in the serum, Pym Particles, so infused Hank and Janet they they could alter their size simply by concentrating. Hank Pym developed a cybernetic helmet for communicating with with insects. Hank pioneer the implantation of synthetic stem cells into a human host to allow for the growth of insectile organs such as wings and antennae.

Aside from his insect-themed and Pym Particle-oriented discoveries, Hank has made many other considerable scientific achievements;

  • Hank created the Infinite Avengers Mansion; a headquarters capable of transporting any being from one place to another, regardless of current position.
  • In addition to the Mansions' spatial transporting abilities, it also acts as a way of maintaining the molecular integrity of Jan, who exists in alternate space. Hank used the mansion to work towards resurrecting Jan after her death during the Skrull Invasion.
  • Hank has developed Holographic Technology capable of fooling the Security of the Baxter Building and the sensors of Ultron.
  • He created an alternate reality for deceased individual's consciousness to dwell in that simulated a perfect existence for them. Effectively creating "Heaven" for his friend Bill Foster.

Legacy of Heroics and Villainy

Hank Pym and his scientific developments have been instrumental in many of the careers of other superheroes and villains including the following:

Scott Lang: Ant-Man
Scott Lang: Ant-Man
  • Ant-Man: Scott Lang was an electrician who broke into Hank Pym's house and stole the Ant-Man costume and gas canisters in order to rescue a doctor to save his daughter's life. Hank let Scott keep the suit as long as he promised to use it for more lawful ventures.
  • Atlas: Erik Josten, the Thunderbolt would be called Atlas was once an ionic powered criminal named Powerman who had his strength stolen from him by Count Nefaria. In order to regain his lost strength he enlisted the aid of Dr. Karl Malus who infused him with Pym Particles that were obtained from Hank Pym and Bill Foster's work. For a time, Josten even used Pym's old Goliath identity.
  • Black Goliath: Bill Foster was a biochemist who worked for Stark Industries. He was introduced to Hank Pym when Pym has become permanently stuck at a size of 10 ft. After months of work, Hank and Bill were able to develop a cure to Hank's condition. Bill went on perfect Pym's formula and used it to gain size alteration powers as well. He adventured under the names Black Goliath, Giant Man and Goliath. He was killed during Civil War by a clone of Thor that Hank helped create.
  • Doctor Nemesis- A technology user who wears a suit that can tap into Pym particles. He uses this suit to commit crimes.
  • Firestar: Firestar possessed no immunity to the microwave energy that she created within herself. Whenever she used her powers at peak level she ran the risk of sterilizing herself or giving herself radiation poisoning. Hank created a suit that would protect her from her own radiation and boost her own natural immunity, and it would siphon residual radiation from her cell's. Hank theorized thatafter 6 months of wearing the suit she would be fully immunized from her microwaves. She no longer riskspoisoning herself.
  • G.I.Ant-Man: Eric O'Grady is currently using a prototype Ant-Man suit that Pym constructed for SHIELD. He is also using the Ant-Man name.
  • Giant-Man: Former A.I. student Raz Malhotra became the new Giant-Man after being given Hank's old suit by Scott Lang.
  • Goliath: The latest Goliath is Tom Foster, nephew of
    Tom Foster: Goliath
    Tom Foster: Goliath
    Bill Foster.
  • Hawkeye: For two short periods, Clint Barton utilized Pym's formula to adventure as Goliath. Hawkeye felt it was necessary to adopt a more powerful persona during the events of the Kree-Skrull war and Operation Galactic Storm.
  • Jerry Morgan: A member of the Headmen, Jerry tried to replicate Pym's size-changing experiments but only managed to shrink his bones in his head, leaving his face hanging loose.
  • Jocasta: Jocasta is an android built by Ultron to be his wife. Under Ultron's control Hank built amachine to transfer Janet Van Dyne's lifeforce into Jocasta to give her life. The transfer was halted by Jocasta eventually gained life from Hank's work.
  • Man-killer: Mankiller has used Pym particles on occasion.
  • Sam Perkins: Sam Perkins is a member of the New Paramounts. He developed a growth process called the multiploidy process of chromosomal multiplication. It is twice as efficient as the use of Pym Particles with no side effects. However, his discovery has been ignored and snubbed by the scientific community because "Sizechange drove Pym crazy. Sizechange is unstable and froze Pym at twelve feet for two years." His entire field of research was destroyed by Hank Pym.
  • Stature: Cassandra Lang of the Young Avengers is the daughter of Scott Lang and she uses Pym particles to change size.
  • Ultron: Ultron stands as Hank Pym’s greatest achievement and most terrible failure.
  • Vision: When the United States government conspired to dismantle the Vision, Hank Pym was instrumental in the reconstruction of this fallen Avenger.
  • Wasp (Janet Van Dyne): Hank grafted specialized synthetic cells into Janet's back that gave her the ability to grow wings and antennae when she reduced her size using Pym Particles. Janet's first technological "wasp sting" were wrist gauntlets that Hank crafted that fired bolts of compressed air.
  • Yellowjacket: Rita DeMara used Pym particles as Yellowjacket.

Alternate Realities


In the MC2 Universe (Earth-982), Hank Pym was one of the Avengers who died in the final battle their evil counterparts from Earth-9907. He was using the Giant Man identity at the time.

New Exiles #8

On this Earth, the champion of Avalon called Behemoth is likely an analogue of Hank Pym.

Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe)

Earth-1610 Ultimate
Earth-1610 Ultimate

In the Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610), Hank Pym faces many of the same problems he does in the original Marvel Universe (Earth-616). In the Ultimate Universe, Hank was originally a research scientist who worked on the SHIELD. Super-Soldier with his mutant wife Janet Van Dyne. But studying Jan's hidden mutant powers, Hank was able to develop the size-altering Pym Particles. As Giant Man he and his wife, codenamed Wasp, became members of the superhuman strike force known as the Ultimates. He was kicked off the team when he physically abused Jan and put her in the hospital. He continued to do work for SHIELD for some time until he help Banner escape execution. For a time he was a member of the super-human team called the Defenders. The other members turned out to be frauds. Hank would later join the Liberators, after their defeat however, Pym claims that he infiltrated the group in order to expose the traitor in the Ultimates, but he is put in jail. He eventually returns to the Ultimates in the identity of Yellowjacket.

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It is however during the events of Ultimatum that Hank's former wife Janet dies by a flood caused by Magneto. Griefstricken, Hank fights the forces of Magneto, killing the Blob and eventually sacrificing himself by leading a group of suicide bombers away from the Triskelion. While many of his team-members had started hating Hank because of his actions in the past, this sacrifice caused him to be redeemed in the eyes of many of his former teammates. For some time, Hank Pym in the Ultimate Universe, could grow to almost sixty feet in height, shrink to the size of an insect, and communicate with ants with a cybernetic helmet. He was a skilled geneticist and roboticist.

Earth-1872 (Secret Wars: Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies)

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In this reality, that was part of Battleworld, Hank Pym was a man living in the Western town known as Timely. He was an inventor and eventually fell in love with a show-girl named Janet van Dyne. He however got into trouble when he started working on a robot man made from Vibranium. Vibranium was strictly forbidden to posses by Battleworld's ruler, Victor von Doom. Pym was brought in and deemed guilty. He was sent behind 'The Wall', a place that was ruled by zombies and homocidal robots. Hank was luckily brought in by a group of heroes whom had managed to stay alive and make a secure place for themselves and many others. Thanks to Hank Pym's skills, the heroes managed to stop an alliance between the zombies and robots.

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Earth-2149 (Marvel Zombies)

Giant Man is one of the main characters of the zombie heroes and story line. He was able to find out that if he bit an uninfected person, they would be infected. He was able to capture Black Panther and use Black Panther as a snack if he was hungry by sawing off parts of Black Panther instead of biting him apart. He ate an arm and leg of Black Panther, but soon he was discovered by Wasp as he was trying to keep this secret from the others. Wasp is enraged by this knowledge of Giant Man having food behind everyone's backs and attacks Giant Man. Giant Man laughs at her and grabs Wasp. He bites her head off and spits it back out, revolting the taste. He was one of the few who got to eat Silver Surfer and gain the Surfer's powers. He also was one of the few to eat Galactus and gain Galactus's powers. He is seen appearing in an alien world with Luke Cage, Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Hulk. Later on, however, events take a spin when Giant Man realizes that he is losing his hunger for food.


Henry Pym of Earth-398 was known as Gigantus and was a member of the Queen's Vengeance.

Earth-9997 (Earth X)

In Earth X, Pym is one of the Avengers who was killed by the Absorbing Man.

Other Media

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ant-Man (2015)

 Michael Douglas as Hank Pym
Michael Douglas as Hank Pym

Hank Pym appears in the Ant-Man film as an inventor and retired superhero. In the movie, it is established that Hank was a once agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. under Peggy Carter and Howard Stark, and that he developed the Ant-Man suit while working for the organization. He refused to allow S.H.I.E.L.D. to mass-produce the armor, causing friction. Hank remained as Ant-Man for a number of years, but eventually retired after his partner and wife, Janet (aka the Wasp), seemingly sacrificed her life to stop a nuclear warhead.

In the present, Hank's former protege Darren Cross seeks to find a way to recreate the Pym Particle formula, believing he can sell it to the military, as well as various nefarious organizations like the Ten Rings and HYDRA. Knowing that widespread use of the Pym Particles will spell chaos, Hank and his daughter Hope recruit Scott Lang to steal the Ant-Man technology from Cross. At the close of the movie, Hank learns that Scott managed to survive the Quantum Realm (the place where Janet seemingly died), and realizes that Jan may still be alive. In a post-credit scene, he gives Hope the new Wasp costume he and his wife were working on before her supposed death, believing that Jan would want Hope to carry on her legacy.

A young Hank in a flashback
A young Hank in a flashback

Hank is depicted as a much older man in the film, in contrast to his depiction in the comics. Additionally, rather than being an Avenger, he resents superheroes in general, with a large amount of ire directed at the Avengers in particular. He was portrayed by Michael Douglas.


Guest Appearances

  • Hank Pym appears as Giant Man in the animated television series The Marvel Super Heroes.
  • Hank made a cameo appearance as Goliath in the X-Men episode "One Man's Worth".
  • Ant-Man in FF:WGH
    Ant-Man in FF:WGH
    Hank appears as Ant-Man in the Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes episode "World's Tiniest Heroes" voiced by John Payne II. He assists the Fantastic Four when they end up shrunken to micro size. He is a friend and scientific rival to Reed Richards. In this series, he also has black hair, instead of the dirty blonde of his comic counterpart.
  • Hank Pym appears in his Ant-Man alias in The Super Hero Squad Show episode "This Forest Green" voiced by Greg Grunberg. He assists the Super Hero Squad when Abomination, Egghead, and MODOK infiltrate the Super Hero Squad's Helicarrier.

Avengers: United They Stand

Giant-Man and his team of Avengers
Giant-Man and his team of Avengers

Hank appeared as both Ant-Man and Giant-Man (though usually just called Ant-Man or Hank) in the short-lived Avengers: United They Stand series, voiced by Rod Wilson. In this series, he was depicted as the leader of the newest team of Avengers, and often appeared unsure of himself. The decision to use a relatively unknown (to mainstream audiences) hero like Ant-Man over more popular characters like Captain America or Iron Man was met with derision by fans and audiences alike, with sites like Cracked mocking the choice in their list of the worst Marvel cartoons ever made.

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Hank in his various identities
Hank in his various identities

Hank Pym appears as Ant-Man and Giant Man in the TV series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, voiced by Wally Wingert. In this series, Hank is less interested in being a superhero than he is in being a Scientist. Unlike the emotionally stunted and depressed (early) Hank of the comics, this Hank is a relatively charming and cheerful individual. He agrees to join the Avengers mostly to be close to, please, and look after Jan, who he has reciprocated feelings for. Hank is capable of using both his Ant-Man and Giant Man power sets in the series. However, Hank would much prefer a more intellectual solution to a problem, rather than resort to a violent confrontation. Despite his more open personality he still feels heavy guilt and conflict from both the creation and disaster of Ultron and the actions he has taken as an avenger, leading him to leave the team over Wasps strong objections. He eventually hands over the ant man suit to Scott Lang after the man steals it to get money to save his daughter Cassie (the future young avenger Stature). In the latter half of the second season, Tony Stark and Jan visit Grayburn College following an invitation from Hank. After dismissing Jan, Hankproposes a new micro-prison to Tony in an attempt to recify the original inititative. It's immediately apparent to Tony that Hank is unstable, as is the technology his former teammate is proposing, and asks him to work in a safer environment at Stark Tower. Insulted, Hank demands that they both leave. But upon doing so, an explosion goes off in Hank's lab, and the former Avenger is presumed dead. At Pym's funeral and following a eulogy by Tony, Nick Fury presents evidence to Tony and Jan that Hank may have in-fact been murdered. Suddenly, a vigilante calling himself Yellowjacket appears in New York, seemingly "disposing" of members of the Serpent Society he confronts, and claiming to have killed the former Ant-Man. When the Avengers try to stop him, Jan becomes convinced that he is in-fact Hank Pym, and tries to reach out to him. She's correct, and he explains that now he's strongenough to do what "Hank" couldn't do to stop "the bad guys." Iron Man and Yellowjacket's laser blasts clash, and the Avengers and Hank are all sent within the micro-prison Hank proposed earlier. As it happens, the members of the Serpent Society were still alive, within the prison. Tony and Jan again try to reach out to Hank in an attempt to reach the man that wished to rehabilitate villains. But the unstable micro-prison begins to collapse upon itself, and Hank is just barely able to save them all, including Jan. Afterwards, Jan argues to let Hank rejoin the team, with Tony reluctantly agreeing. Hank's personality is drastically different for the remainder of the show. He is no longer the pacifist hero, but is rather a hardened fighter, with little regard for his own safety or the safety of others.

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

Giant-Man in the anime
Giant-Man in the anime

Giant-Man appears Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers. In the series, he is a former Avenger who was badly injured in an incident involving the Wasp. The injury left his body unstable and made it so that he is unable to use his powers without causing himself extreme pain. Hank initially tries to help the kids find Akira's father, but is forced to come out of retirement after his creation, Ultron, gains sentience and becomes a villain. He was voiced by Yasunori Masutani.

Animated Film

Hank in Ultimate Avengers
Hank in Ultimate Avengers
  • Henry Pym appears as Giant Man in Ultimate Avengers (based on the Ultimates rendition of the character) voiced by Nolan North. Henry Pym was a bit bitter toward Nick Fury after Nick Fury chose Bruce Banner over him. He assists the Avengers in the fight against the Chitauri and Hulk. Though he is inspired by his Ultimate incarnation, this version of Giant-Man is portrayed in a much more flattering light. He is depicted as hotheaded and impulsive rather than abusive, and never once puts his hands on Wasp.
  • Nolan North reprises his role of Giant Man in Ultimate Avengers 2. He assisted the Avengers in the fight against the Chitauri in Wakanda. He is originally obnoxious toward his teammates, and suspicious of Jan's fondness for Captain America. Ultimately, Hank undergoes a crisis of conscience and sacrifices his life to help Iron Man shut down their doomsday machine. He died next to Jan saying that he had finally become the hero she had always wanted him to be.
  • In the film Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, Pym and Janet had a son named after him called Henry Pym, Jr.

Video games


Giant-Man in Avengers Alliance
Giant-Man in Avengers Alliance
  • Hank appears as a playable character in the online game Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, where he appears in his Giant Man persona.
  • Hank appears as Ant-Man in Lego Marvel Super Heroes.
  • Hank appears as Giant-Man in Marvel Future Fight.
  • Hank appears as Giant-Man in Marvel Avengers Alliance.
  • Hank Pym appears as Ant-Man in Lego Marvel's The Avengers as part of Ant-Man DLC Season Pass.


Yellowjacket in Ultimate Alliance 2
Yellowjacket in Ultimate Alliance 2
  • Hank Pym appears in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 as a boss for the Anti-Registration campaign. Hank appeared in his Yellowjacket persona.
  • Giant-Man is an assist character in Avengers in Galactic Storm.


Ant-Man in MVC3
Ant-Man in MVC3
  • Hank appears as Ant-Man during one of Hawkeye's Level 3 Hyper Combo in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.
  • Voiced by Wally Wingert, Hank Pym appears in the game Marvel Heroes. He is situated in Avengers Tower and is in charge of crafting. He appears in his Ant-Man persona.
  • Henry Pym appears in his civilian identity in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance voiced by Jerry Houser. He provided the heroes with technical support and advice between missions.



The Comic-Con set
The Comic-Con set
  • Toy Biz released a figure of Hank as Ant-Man for their line from the short-lived Avengers: United They Stand TV show.
  • An Ultimate Giant-Man figure was released as part of Toy Biz's Marvel Legends line. An unconscious Giant-Man head was also included as a base for the Ultimate Thor figure.
  • Giant-Man (in his classic costume) was the subject of a "Build-a-Figure" wave for Toy Biz's Marvel Legends line, which could be assembled after buying the ten corresponding figures from the wave, each of which contained a piece needed to complete Giant-Man.
  • Hasbro released 2 Hank Pym figures for Marvel Universe line.One was Hank Pym as Ant-Man which was part of Marvel Greatest Battles two-pack which also featured Moon Knight. Another one was Hank Pym as Yellowjacket.
  • Hasbro's released Hank Pym figures as both And-Man and Yellowjacket for Marvel Infinite Series.
  • Once Hasbro took over the Marvel Legends line from Toy Biz, a Giant-Man figure depicting his modern design was released as part of the Ant-Man movie wave.
  • Hasbro also released a Marvel Legends Yellowjacket figure.
  • To celebrate the release of the Ant-Man movie, Hasbro released an exclusive Hank Pym-themed Marvel Legends set for San Diego Comic-Con 2015. The set included figures of Hank as Ant-Man, Giant-Man and Goliath.
  • A minifig of Hank as Ant-Man was included in Lego's kit for the Ant-Man movie.


The bust
The bust
  • Bowen Designs released statues of Hank as Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath and Yellowjacket.
  • Bowen also released a bust of Giant-Man and the Wasp.

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