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The man known as John Hancock was gifted with superpowers but lacked morals. Spending most of his time drinking, Hancock would use his powers on occasion to save others. The majority of the time the results were catastrophic. Hancock had no regard for collateral damage. His rescue attempts would leave the city of Los Angeles with millions of dollars worth of damage.

Hancock's life began to change when he saved a public relations spokesman named Ray Embrey. Ray's goal was to get corporates to sponsor his charitable "All-Hearts" organization. Seeing potential in Hancock, he decided to try to help him clean up his image.

It turned out that Hancock was actually some type of eternal god that had lived for over 3000 years. He is from a race that humans at times would call 'Angels'. They were made in pairs and when ever the pair would get near each other, they would lose their powers and become mortal.


Hancock has immense superhuman strength. He has shown to be able to stop a train and throw a blue whale back into the ocean. Hancock is capable of defying gravity to fly.Hancock is invulnerable to all forms of injury. He can fly at supersonic speeds and is capable of interplanetary flight. His skin can easily repel bullets and has shown to be unharmed by a bazooka. He has a degree of enhanced hearing, as he was able to listen to Mary and Ray's conversation while he was on the roof of the house (the house was also made of bricks). Hancock is immortal, and is immune to toxins and diseases. He only begins to lose his powers when he is near Mary, (the only other of his kind) for a prolonged period of time.

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