Weird scene in the Green Lantern movie

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Tomar-re states numrous times that theres is 3,000 some odd lanterns in the universe, however when they show a pan out of the corps. listening to Sinestros speech, there appears to be millions. Is there a reason for that? Are the rest of them reserves or something

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just another continuity error

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yeah, it definitely looks more like the 7200 lanterns that it's supposed to be, but it doesn't look like MILLIONS.

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that movie couldnt get anything right.

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That movie was blatantly horrible, there was so much wrong with it. 

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@BiteMe-Fanboy said:
that movie couldnt get anything right.
Well... At least Oa looked cool, didn't it? lol
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But arent the buildings in Oa supposed to be yellow?

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I didn't notice a problem. 3600 is a lot of lanterns though.

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Maybe they had too much spare CGI left they didn't want to go wasted...

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It didn't look like millions to me...I mean...have you ever seen 3000 people in one place?

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@Sydpart2: I would agree
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maybe alot of em were on vacation

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Meh, who cares? Did anyone care when there were no houses in Thor?

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3600 is a big number. DOnt be a douche and judge everything. If you were in the power where it mattered you wouldnt be on this website. However its better then a comedy with Jack Black (The original plot) so just chill and go count all the lanterns. also editors would rather do 3600 then 1,000,000.  
(@samspiering on twitter)

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i'm one of the very few that loved the movie....perhaps the only one lol. i cant remember how many times i have watched it, i do however wish it wasn't ryan reynolds in it. he doesn't protrait hal jordan very acurately in my opinion

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I too enjoyed the movie. Although I'm not a huge Green Lantern fan, so I didn't catch any continuity errors that a lot of fans had. i think they could really step it up, if they did a sequel.

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Honestly I think people just WANT to not like the movie. Like bashing on X-Men Origins was getting old so they moved on to another. No, it wasn't as good as Batman Begins. But cut them a break it wasn't BAD. For the first time ever doing such a unique power set on screen, they did well. A sequel done right could be very good indeed.

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What about that scene where he straight up murders people in a parking lot?Awkward.

They should have just filmed Green Lantern: Secret Origin instead of giving us a really, really cheesey 80s made-for-tv film. Special effects don't make up for poorly written dialogue or a poorly plotted story.

Finally, Ryan Reynolds is not to blame. He did what he could with the BS he was given. He was a great choice for Hal.

This review sums up how I feel:

And yes, I am a (disappointed) Green Lantern fan

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@OutlawRenegade: Whoot SPILL CREW!!! best movie reviews ever!

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the movie was crap. who cares? be thankful they're not making a sequel.

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@JohnnyWalker said:

the movie was crap. who cares? be thankful they're not making a sequel.

Are you sure about that?

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I actually liked it...

and no it wasn't millions WTH. Do you know what MILLIONS looks like? millions is the entire population of a large city or a capital.

I'd say there we probably a few thousands, max 10 thousand, but not more than that, definetally not

also, isn't there like 3 human lanterns from the corps? Kyle, hal and john? Earth is sector 2814 so that means that there could be more than 1 lantern per sector (Im no expert so Im open to be proven wrong)

and also Guy Gardner, even though he isn't fully human he is from Earth

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Who pays the much attention ??

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