Has any one else noticed that...?

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There seems to be a great lack of continuity between the Hal in Green Lantern and the one we see in Justice League. They're supposed to take place around the same time but while the Hal we seen in GL displays the character growth that writers have given him over the last 40+ years, the Hal we've seen in JL is a complete ass. Now, I know that there has been lack of character continuity before but not to this kind of extent where they are two completely different (almost polar opposite) people. This isn't just a case where we are seeing another side of a character because its too much of a 180 turn. Just another one of the many things about the New 52 that bothers me!

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Green lantern takes a few years before Justice League I believe.Maybe he adopted a new personality.

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@hunterscarlet: Geoff johns fucked up his own character :-P

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It seems like the continuity is messed up for all of the characters in the Justice League series. That is one of the things I hate about the series.

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@hunterscarlet: I dunno. Hal basically took the fall for something that was totally not his fault, because he felt it could help the team. That shows at least a little maturity.

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I think it's just messed up continuity, hopefully DC will have it sorted out when we get further into the New 52.

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BUMP. Yeah, I really hate the way Hal was portrayed in Justice League. Half of the time I just wanted to punch him in his face when ever he started lipping off to the other heroes.

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It's confusing.

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