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H.I.V.E Queen is created by Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort.


Despite having several appearances its origins are still a mystery.

Major Story Arcs

The Twenty

The woman who would become known as H.I.V.E. Queen was a member of the Twenty,a group metropolis citizens who were abducted by Brainiac when he invaded Earth. The abductees were used as test subjects by the Coluan with the results of these experiments imparting them with psionic abilities,an attempt to recreate his own race.

Bathing in techno-plasmic waste of evry though of metropolis citizens.
Bathing in techno-plasmic waste of evry though of metropolis citizens.

After the experiment her worldview was distorted where she decided that should prepare Metropolis for Brainiac return,for this purpose gathered resources and to technologies to create the criminal organization known as H.I.V.E (Holistically Integrated Viral Equality). The organization uses the facade of a benevolent social network that connects people to each other,but actually kidnap people with psychic potential to turn who are useful into soldiers and those who aren't into psychic batteries to increase Queen's powers.

Prelude to the Psy War

Queen's plan was expand the power and influence of the organization across the world to enslave all mankind in preparation for Brainiac's return and to reach your goal she needed the help of an even more powerful telepath than herself. Knowing that S.T.A.R. Labs was hiding Hector Hammond using the code name Project Mindstorm ordered its agents to infiltrate into the building to rescue him,but by chance a power cord from Hector Hammond's life support chair was loose and fell into the water, then an electric current ran over his body waking him from the coma releasing his mental powers all over the city,which makes people act in strange ways...calling Superman's attention.

Hammond breaks into H.I.V.E. underground complex and after a brief confrontation with the Queen,takes control of the organization. Using illusions she manages to escape to the city sewers and started to plan their next step.

Psy War

Rebuilding itself.
Rebuilding itself.

Utilizing of the remaining Brainiac's technology on Earth dum techno-plasmic waste (accumulated psychic energies) over Superman and Metropolis resident in order to take over their free will,but Superman was able to resist. After a brief fight against Superman she tried to control it again, but was interrupted by Hector Hammond who was also mind controlling half of the citizens .

The Queen and Hector Hammond vs Psycho Pirate.
The Queen and Hector Hammond vs Psycho Pirate.

The Queen and Hammond used people to fight each other and thus decide who will rule the city,soon she discovers that Hector Hammond is nothing more than an astral projection and real one was still in H.I.V.E. headquarters,and then returns to the headquarters. BSuperman and Lois Lane go after them and finds out that both were defeated and had part of their psychic energy absorbed by someone known Psycho Pirate.

The Psycho Pirate makes people across Metropolis act on pure emotion and in consequence chaos is established. Meanwhile the Queen and Hector are recovering and alongside Lois Lane and Superman devise a strategy free the people from his influence by removing the Medusa Mask. Although the plan work well, she is defeated again and is never seen

Powers & Abilities

Psionic blasts.
Psionic blasts.

Regeneration/Shape-Shifting: She has shown a impressive healing factor, being able through unknown means to recreate himself from scratch.

Empathy: Using negative thoughts and fellings of all citizens of Metropolis,she managed to knocked out Superman.

Telepathy: Although she isn't a raw and experienced telepath,she is almost on par with Hector Hammond. She proved to be able to mentally control an half of a city while facing Hammond toe to toe.

Tricking Superman.
Tricking Superman.
  • Mind Control
  • Mind Reading
  • Illusion Casting: She's able to create realistic and complex illusions/visions,and not even Superman's x-ray vision can tell if it's real or not.

Telekinesis: She has the ability to move, lift, and manipulate objects with her mind.

  • Psionic Bursts: She can fire bursts of psionic energy that strike a target with concussive impact or energy of various forms, such as electricity or fire.
  • Flight

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