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Gwen was first seen in a flash back to 1985. Her parents were taking her to a private boarding school called Thorp Academy  in Gills Rock Wisconsin. She was wearing full winter clothing and felt very distanced form the other children and didn't talk to them and ate alone. One day a young boy went up to her while he was playing and asked if she was a freak. He then says that she doesn't look like a freak and tries to give her the toy ca he was playing with. She outreached her hand to take it, but was no longer wearing her gloves. Her teacher tried to run and stop her, but as soon as she touched the car a electric surge killed the boy and burned the car.

On Angel

She was next seen 25 years old walking into a restaurant in red and black leather and using form fitting black gloves to protect against her electric touch. She was now a high class thief and was taking a job from a man named Elliot to steal a rare and valuable object called the Axis of Pythia. However the heroic vampire Angel had also intended to steal the Axis as he was told by a demi-God that her cold use it to find the missing Cordelia Chase. That night While Angel, Gunn and Fred get ready to steal it so does she. she gets into the building before them and uses her powers to keep Angel away from the vault and bending the security beams away from her. Angel asks who and what she is as she steals the object and Gunn arrives and tries to take the Axis from her only to be electrocuted and Gwen uses her powers to restart his heart then leaves with the Axis. She soon tries to sell the Axis, but Angel has found her and they fight for it's possession. The fight soon moves to an elevator and one of her electric shocks is able to momentarily restart Angel's dead heart causing a moment of passion and a kiss. However the Elliot has bobby trapped the elevator and wants to use poison gas to kill her for her sloppy heist. However Angel cannot breath and works with Gwen to free themselves an then the two fight the Elliot and his men and despite Gwen trying to kill him let him leave. She then gives him the Axis and after using it he gives it back to her and she sells it for millions.

Gwen would run into Angel again this time after a client named Mr Ashet of her's was killed by the powerful demon the Beast. When he died light emerged from him and the beast ripped a metal wing from his body. She soon goes to Angel for help and joins the gang in an attempt to protect a mystical being named Manjet (Manny) who is next on the Beast's hit list. She takes them to a lavish apartment hidden in a run down building and places him in a panic room, but he is still killed and his magical orb is taken. As the Beast performs a ritual she joins the gang trying to stop him, but he in the end blots out the sun and she goes her separate ways. Later she reappears asking for Gunns help. She wants to free a young girl named Lisa from her captures do to a job she did and needs Gunn's help. With some cunning Gunn grabs the girl, but finds that she is not a prisoner and that Gwen lied. He finds her trying to break into a vault and reveals Lisa is L.I.S.A is a device for controlling bodily functions. She says she intends to sell it, but after witnessing her lose control of her powers and kill the devices owner and guards he realizes she wants it for herself. After activating it she loses her virginity to Gunn.



First Night

Gwen reappeared as she was kissing a man named Nate however due to however Angel's battle with the Senior Partners caused L.A. to be taken to Hell and the trip damaged L.I.S.A causing her to electrocute him.

After the Fall

Angel; After the Fall (10)
Angel; After the Fall (10)
She then joins Angel's son Connor and Nina Ash in finding safe places for good demons and humans via Spike and Illyria. She and Connor began a relationship, but they are unable to be intimate due to her condition.  It was later revealed that she was actually working for the now vampire Gunn all along, because he had promised he could help her with her problem.  Spike and Conner then had to fight her, and Conner (upset at being betrayed by the woman he loved) sent Angel's dragon to attack her.


 Gwen is a mutant with the power to generate electricity. She cannot turn this ability on or of, but she can regulate it to some degree. Her body constantly gives off a charge that can burn metal or kill with a touch, but she can avert this by usually wearing gloves as to not touch bare skinned. However she can increase the voltage and shot blasts of electricity. Her powers seem to have a mental component as although she can't turn it off when she was angered she fired a blast that electrocuted and group of men. She uses her powers to over ride machines useful to a thief as she can disable security systems. Her powers can enhance her combat skills giving an electric charged punch to opponents. She can even use her powers to restart a heart as one would do with a defibrillator.

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