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Not very much is known about Gwendolyne "Gwen" Stacy's youth. Her father was a captain in the New York Police Department named George Stacey. She always looked up to him greatly. Although not much is known about Gwen's mother, it is known she had died when she was very young. She went to Standard High School during her teenage years. In high school Gwen was known as the "beauty queen", because of her looks. She however never became vain because of it. Gwen kept getting good grades, good enough to, after her high school graduation, enroll into Empire State University.


Gwen Stacy was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man issue 31 (1965).

Character Evolution

Gwen stayed constant throughout her run in the comics. It wasn't until much later that it was discovered that she had been untrue to Peter with Norman Osborn.

Major Story Arcs

First Impressions

Oblivious Peter

After high school, Gwen enrolls in Empire State University where she majors in biochemistry. She takes a class with a professor named Miles Warren, who would later fall for her and create her clone. Gwen befriends a fellow science major named Harry Osborn and a jock named Flash Thompson. Flash introduces his new friends to his high school classmate Peter Parker who is also majoring in biochemistry. Gwen feels she can't get close to Peter since he seems guarded (with Aunt May being sick, his gallivanting as Spider-Man, having recently broken up with Betty Brant). She's insulted that Peter does not pay attention to her, the beauty queen. Harry and Flash also take it as an insult, which leads to them bullying Peter. Eventually the misunderstanding is forgotten and Peter joins their circle of friends.

Gwen and Peter begin to grow closer with each interaction. She develops a more romantic interest in him after he comes to school on a motorcycle, high on the victory of defeating the Green Goblin. The two are comfortable being close friends.

Relationship Tests

Before anything comes to fruition, Peter gets distracted by Mary Jane. Peter begins to show interest in Mary Jane and the two date for a while, causing Gwen to become so jealous that she decides to date Harry Osborn to make Peter mad. Mary Jane proves to be too much of a party girl for Peter and he soon begins to pay more attention to Gwen. After a date to a science exposition, the two become official. The couple's relationship is far from steady, however, as Peter constantly misses dates and always has lame excuses. Gwen begins to feel like Peter is never really there for her. Gwen's father, George Stacy, does his best to keep Gwen interested in Peter. (It is hinted that George Stacy knows that Peter is Spider-Man, whom he has a great deal of respect for.) Regardless of how rocky things seemed, Peter is in love with her.


Gwen finally sees Spider-Man in action (though not knowing it's Peter) when he battles Kraven The Hunter. She later meets Spider-Man face to face and believes that he has kidnapped Peter since the two are never in the same place. She is relieved when Peter eventually reappears. Later, The Kingpin brainwashes George Stacy into stealing police documents. Peter is able to publish some photos exposing the Kingpin's plan. In retaliation, Kingpin kidnaps George and Gwen. Spider-Man, along with a Norman Osborn that had lost his memories as the Green Goblin, rescue the Stacys. Gwen's feelings towards Spider-Man change as she thanks him for saving her and her father. Gwen also thanks Norman while showing signs that she's attracted to him.

Tragedy strikes when George Stacy dies trying to save a child from falling debris, which is the result of a fight between Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man. George reveals to Spider-Man that he knows his identity and charges Peter with taking care of his daughter. Gwen, however, moves to London to live with her aunt and uncle. She had hoped Peter would propose before she left; she was disappointed.

Peter is so miserable without Gwen that he flies to London on assignment for the Daily Bugle. He tries to convince Gwen to come back to New York but leaves when the local papers show pictures of Spider-Man, Peter thinking it to be too coincidental for him and Spider-Man to be in London at the same time. With the appearance of Spider-Man doing good deeds in London, Gwen's Uncle Arthur convinces Gwen that Spider-Man could not have been responsible for his brother's death. He also tells her that she was expecting too much out of Peter since they were still so young. Unfortunately, Gwen had had a relationship with Norman Osborn that resulted in a pregnancy.

Return to New York

Taking her uncle's advice, Gwen returns to New York to find things have changed. Harry is hooked on LSD and Peter is being constantly flirted with by Mary Jane, Harry's girlfriend at the time. Gwen's arrival reignites her relationship with Peter and they resume their courtship. She hides the identity of her lover and hopes that Peter will be able to overlook her infidelity due to his love for her.

Peter and Gwen are invited on an expedition to the Savage Land with J. Jonah Jameson. Gwen is asked to model while Peter snaps pictures. The trip is dampened, however, when Gwen is kidnapped by a beast named Gog. Gog takes her to his master, Kraven the Hunter; Kraven intended to make Gwen his queen. Peter suits up as Spider-Man and teams up with Ka-Zar and the two defeat Kraven and his pet Gog to rescue Gwen.

The Twins

Gwen, Norman and the Twins

After the events in the Savage Land, Gwen returns to Europe to have the twins without Peter's knowledge. Norman offers to raise the twins, a boy and a girl named Sarah and Gabriel. Gwen refuses his offer and believes Peter's love will strong enough to forgive her this tragic misstep. Besides, Gwen hates how Norman treats his son Harry. Being unable to see his children greatly upsets Norman.

The Death of Gwen Stacy

The Death of Gwen Stacy

Norman regains his memory of being the Green Goblin and, due to his thinking Peter and his friends were the cause of his son's misery, makes life miserable for Peter. He constructs a plan to kidnap Gwen and hold her hostage on the Brooklyn Bridge. Spider-Man comes to the rescue, but Gwen is unconscious. A fight ensues and the Green Goblin tosses the unconscious Gwen from the bridge. Spider-Man shoots his webs towards Gwen and catches her by her heel. At first it looks like he successfully saves her, but when he gets a closer look it is obvious that Gwen is dead. (During the catch, the panel in the comic shows a "SNAP" sound effect next to Gwen's neck. It is never fully revealed if the heel grab snapped her neck.)

While Spider-man brings up the lifeless body of Gwen, he tries to wake her, not wanting to believe she is really dead. This all while the Green Goblin mocks Spider-Man for losing his one true love. While the Goblin leaves, a lost Spider-Man brings the lifeless body of Gwen to the ground near the Brooklyn Bridge, where he tells some police officers that "Spider-Man killed her". Set on revenge, Spider-Man seeks out the Goblin and finds him. This time, their fight was seemingly to the death as the Goblin tried to pierce Spider-Man with his glider, but got hit by it himself instead. A grief-stricken and angered Spider-Man leaves the scene.


The clone: Gwen Stacy-Miles

Gwen's death has had a profound impact on Peter's life, and those around him. When Mary Jane tries to comfort Peter a few days after Gwen's death, he lashes out to her. Hoping that she would just go away and pretend there is nothing going on, like she always did. Many months later, it seems that Gwen had returned from the dead, although this turned out to be a clone named Gwen Stacy-Miles made by their former (and now mad) science teacher Miles Warren. Although Peter has never directly said anything to Mary Jane, whom he got into a relationship with some years later, it is almost certain that Gwen really was Peter's one, true love.

The Twins

Many years later, Spider-Man must disturb Gwen's grave when he is attacked by two unknown assailants whom turn out to be Sarah and Gabriel Stacy. He learns of their lineage and wants to prove that Gwen was their mother. He digs up her grave for a DNA sample and discovers that she did have the twins. He is able to use this information to dissuade Sarah, who helps him defeat Gabriel.


Gwen Stacy

Gwen was a science major, though she did not survive to graduation. She had some training in chemistry.


  • Height: 5' 7''
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde

Alternate Universes

1610 - Ultimate Universe

The Ultimate Punk Rock version of Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy, the punk rock transfer student was introduced into Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's life as she interrupted a heated conversation about different opinions on the newest NY hero Spider-Man. Although her appearance created a scary ambiance for other people to get close to her Peter built a friendship with her when she pulled a knife on Kong for bullying Peter.

Gwen's life was not easy by the slightest as she suffered from various parental problems when her mother abandoned her and her father, Police Captain George Stacy. Her ongoing friendship with Peter helped when Gwen's father tragically died when saving a boy in the hands of Spider-Man. Peter's Aunt May took her in since her own mother didn't want her and this caused friction with Mary Jane as she now lived with her boyfriend.

Ever since her father's death Gwen blamed Spider-Man for it, but she continued her life. Peter eventually met with his childhood friend Eddie Brock, who ended up being a jerk not only to Peter but to Gwen too as he hit on her.

Eventually, Gwen found out Spider-Man's real identity was Peter, so she pulled her father's gun on him. Peter convinced her that he was not the one to blame for her father's death, and after she calmed down Gwen agreed to keep Peter's identity a secret.

Mary Jane and Gwen's friction faded as they now shared Peter's secret. Gwen made it clear that she was not interested in Peter and only thought of him as a friend and a brother.

Spider-Man had to face off with one of the biggest threats he had ever encountered, Carnage. Being a sort of clone error, the blood-like creature contained Peter's memories including where he lived. As a way to survive, the creature had to feed off humans in a sort of vampire like structure where it would end up killing the human. In its confusion the creature arrive at Peter's home to find Gwen locked out of her own house. The creature, on the search for survival killed her right outside her home. Peter's rage of these events led him to seemingly destroying the creature.

Gwen's tragic death in the hands of Carnage

Gwen's death resulted in a lot of emotional repercussions at school. Flash Thompson rudely made fun of Gwen's death at school which led Peter and Flash into a fight, that then included Liz Allen and Mary Jane. At detention, Flash admitted out loud that he had a crush on Gwen, and he was now disseminated that he never had the chance to ask her out.

Peter started to have more clone problems as a clone of himself terrorized the mall in a Scorpion suit, a Spider-Woman started appearing, a scarred Spider-Man kidnapped Mary Jane and a six armed Spider-Man battled him. Of course that was not all, since at his old house a blond girl mysteriously appeared. Gwen Stacy reappeared, however, she had no memories of her death and her eye color was different.

Gwen came back, but it was only a clone

Under the pressure of all that was happening around her, including Nick Fury hunting Peter, Aunt May finding out Peter's Spider-Man and Peter's dead father coming back to life, Gwen transformed into Carnage, the very same thing that killed her. Richard Parker, Peter's father, later revealed to be another clone of Peter, revealed that she was an experiment of stem-cell research that went wrong. With Nick Fury there hunting Spider-Man with SHIELD Spider Slayers, Peter managed to get survive in one piece as SHIELD took in custody the Gwen Stacy clone and Scorpion clone of Peter.

When the Green Goblin escaped from the SHIELD's headquarters the Triskelion, Gwen Stacy encounters Osborn, but immediately leaves the facilities, just like the rest of the captured villains.

Gwen's whereabouts were unknown up until Eddie Brock came back into the picture. Gwen lost control of the Carnage creature inside of her, which caused her face to distort. Eddie Brock interrupted their conversation, resulting in a battle between Peter and Venom. Gwen followed the battle and in an attempt to help out she transformed into Carnage. During the symbiote's battle, the Carnage suit inside Gwen is absorbed by the symbiote suit in Eddie Brock creating an even bigger monstrosity. The new Venom flees as Gwen and Peter are confused of what had just happened.

Earth-1610 Ultimate Gwen

After analysis by SHIELD and Tony Stark Gwen had no residual portions of Carnage leaving her virtually normal as if nothing had ever happened to her. Gwen moves back in with Peter and Aunt May, and May helps her enroll her back into school.

Later, because of Gwen's return Peter and his friends (MJ, Kitty Pryde and Kong) want to get together and do something, and since Johnny Storm doesn't have any friends and wants Peter to find him a girlfriend, they all agree to go out. During their ride on the L train on their way to meet Johnny Storm, the Ultimatum wave hits, leaving New York underwater.

Six months after the Ultimatum wave hit, New York is rebuilt and many changes have surfaced. Gwen is now dating Peter, and they both have to deal with new roommates: Johnny Storm and Bobby Drake. Since all of these events Gwen's relationship with MJ and Kitty Pryde has been edgy but they all slowly try to re-initiate their friendship.

After a strange conversation between the the new-found friends, Mary Jane, Gwen and Kitty all agree on one thing, neither of them like Peter's long hair. So because of that, in the girl's bathroom Mary Jane gives Peter a haircut as agreed by Peter's two ex-girlfriends and his current girlfriend.

Earth 65 (Spider-Gwen)

In this reality the radioactive spider bit Gwen Stacy rather than Peter Parker giving her the abilities of a spider. She goes by the name Spider-Woman and much like Spider-Man of Earth 616 used her newly found powers to for more personal gain rather than helping people by becoming a professional drummer. Peter Parker remained a weak individual that Gwen needed to save from bullying. This made him develop an inferiority complex causing him to create a serum to make himself more like Gwen after she has revealed to him her powers. This causes him to become Earth 65's version of the Lizard and Gwen is forced to fight him. Unfortunately due to the serum during the battle Peter dies and she vows to use her powers for good. Unfortunately Gwen is blamed for Peter's death and a campaign against her (spearheaded by J. Jonah Jameson) is started.

Gwen is the drummer of a band named the Mary Janes (Which includes Mary Jane Watson, Glory Grant and an unknown third member) although she is often late for practices and concerts. While out fighting crime she is also targeted by the police force who is being commanded by her own father Captain George Stacy.

Due to Captain Stacy's success against organised crime he a hit is placed on him by the Kingpin who uses his lawyer Matt Murdock to hire hit man Aleksei Sytsevich (who in the regular continuity is the villainous Rhino). Aleksei tracks Captain Stacy down at a Mary Janes concert and attacks him there, Gwen steps in and is able to defeat him but is cornered by her own father. There she reveals to him that she is Spider-Woman and he allows her to escape.

Gwen is recruited to take part in the Spider-Verse event where Spider-Men from every reality are being hunted down by Morlun and his family. She is one of Spider-Man's (616) right hand members but he is unwilling to risk her in dangerous situations since he couldn't save his own Gwen Stacy. They promise to look after each others backs.

On one mission Gwen travels to a reality that after this reality's Gwen Stacy died Spider-Man became bitter and more ruthless, eventually turning into the Hobgoblin. Gwen tries to recruit him and even gets through to him but they are attacked by members of Morlun's family. Peter sacrifices himself to save Gwen and with his last words he assures her that he is dying a happy man and that she in truth had saved him.

This version of Gwen Stacy first appeared in Edge of Spider-Verse issue 2 and has been well received by fans and has been the subject of numerous pieces of fanart and cosplay. Her popularity even convinced Marvel to give Gwen her own solo series based after the events of Spider-Verse.


From an unknown place comes Gwenpool. A woman mercenary with a lot of features that resemble that of Deadpool. Her backstory is yet to be revealed. She stole an artifact from the Black Cat and later on contacted Howard the Duck, hoping he would help her stay out of Black Cat's claws. She first appeared in the pages of Howard the Duck Volume 4 issue 1.

House of M

Gwen and Peter son in House of M

During the events of House of M ensued by th mutant Scarlet Witch, Gwen was never killed. Peter was able to save Gwen, and they were happily married and had a son. She was a scientist, activist, and mother during this alternate reality. However, when the Scarlet Witch is depowered and the world shifts back to normal with the decimation of mutants, Peter Parker wakes up to his "true life" where Gwen really is dead, and he's married to Mary Jane. Earth 616's Peter Parker still has memories of this life that could have been, and continues to live with the newborn pain he thought he'd left behind.

Earth 295: Age of Apocalypse

In the Age of Apocalypse reality, Gwen Stacy was not killed by the Green Goblin. She was an exchange student in Paris during Apocalypse rising. She was saved by Dr. Donald Blake from a tropical fever and later she saved him from a mutant ambush. Then they create a rebellion group to help survivors around the world and fight against Apocalypse. This results in Apocalypse executing Peter Parker during the cullings because he was a potential ally to Gwen Stacy. Gwen is also a Human High Council Agent and personal bodyguard of Dr. Donald Blake in Wakanda. With a group of human embassadors, they enter and dismantle from inside the Mikhail´s Mothership and let esape the human fleet.

Mutant X

Gwen is a reporter covering the trial of the Brute on charges of the murder of the Man-Spider clone and the Green Goblin.

Earth X

Gwen appears in Peter Parker's mind, courtesy of the Spiders Man's illusions, as a flashback.

What If?

  • In the story where Spider-Man keeps his four extra arms, Gwen Stacy breaks up with him because he would not lose the extra arms. Spider-Man later saves her from the Green Goblin.
  • Another What if? comic book, Peter saves Gwen from the bridge by jumping down to catch her instead of using his webs and they end up getting married together. But the Green Goblin quietly sends evidence to J. Jonah Jameson that Peter is Spider-Man and he ends up crashing Peter and Gwen's wedding with the police, demanding his arrest, causing Peter to go on the run.
  • Yet another What If? portrays Spider-Man becoming Poison, courtesy of the venom symbiote, and Gwen becoming female Carnage. In this What If? series, Gwen and Peter end up together, even though they're both dead, technically.

Other Media:


Spider-Man 3

In the movie franchise, the character of Gwen Stacy is introduced in the third movie, as Peter Parker's hot and friendly lab partner. She is still the daughter of police officer George Stacy and still attends college. She is portrayed as the hot blonde with the warm heart. She was the love interest of photographer Eddie Brock, and then later on as the commonly known Peter. However, she understands eventually in the film that Peter was never out for the way she would've wanted him to be, and instead apologizes to Mary Jane for her actions. However, Gwen Stacy is saved by Spiderman in a crane accident, whom she portrays to have some vague feelings for, and even kisses him in front of an audience. She is last seen at Harry Osbourn's funeral, a thumbs up for mythos fans that the potential romance of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy coul may as well, come true.

As the movies have strayed far off course with the sense of mythos-canon on and, the character of Gwen Stacy is not the first love of main character Peter Parker/Spiderman. Instead, she is portrayed as the potential love interest, one that has not been classified as Peter's first as she usually is in comic-canon.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

Gwen appears as a major character in The Amazing Spider-Man. In the film, she is Peter's classmate and an employee of Oscorp. She takes an interest in Peter early on, and tries to console him after the death of his Uncle Ben. She later discovers that Peter is Spider-Man, and tries to help him during his battle against the Lizard. At the climax of the film, Gwen's father, Captain George Stacy, is killed by the Lizard, and forces Peter to promise to stay away from Gwen. Despite this, the two continue their relationship.

Gwen was played by Emma Stone, who won rave reviews for her performance. In particular, her take on Gwen proved very popular with women and young girls. This version of Gwen Stacy was similar to her depictions in the Ultimate books, as well as the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

Gwen in the sequel

Emma Stone reprises her role in the sequel, where Gwen is still shown dating Peter. During the course of the film, the two lovers graduate from high school, and after a fight, their relationship begins to grow strained. Peter, who is worried that Gwen may be hurt by one of his enemies, actively pushes her away, while Gwen finds this attitude patronizing. She plans to leave to attend college in England, but is stopped when Peter changes his mind and agrees to rekindle their relationship.

Gwen proves pivotal in stopping Electro, but ends up caught in the crossfire during Peter's battle with his former best friend, Harry Osborn. Harry, who is dying of a genetic illness and thinks Spider-Man's blood can save him, goes insane with rage after discovering that Peter was Spider-Man the whole time and refused to offer his blood. Donning a suit of high-tech battle armor and becoming the Green Goblin, Harry battles Spider-Man and tosses Gwen from a great height. Peter tries to save her, but as in the comics, Gwen is killed.

In the finale of the film, Peter is shown to have given up being Spider-Man while mourns Gwen's death. But, after listening to a recording of Gwen's graduation speech, Peter is inspired to take up his costume again, and springs back into action to save the city from the Rhino.

The film was panned by critics, with Gwen's death in particular receiving a large amount of outrage. Many reviewers noted that Emma Stone's performance and chemistry with Andrew Garfield was one of the best parts of the film, and that killing her off was a waste of an interesting and feminist character. Despite this, the death scene itself was praised by many reviewers for being tragic and emotional.

Animated Versions

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Gwen in Spider-Man: The Animated Serie

While Gwen was replaced by Mary Jane Watson as Peter's primary lover interest, she made an appearance in the second episode of the Spider-Wars arc. Here she hails from the alternate dimension of the highly successful armored Spider-Man, and is his fiance. She is quickly drawn into the events when she rescues and then helps the Series Peter Parker in his battle with the dimension hopping Spider-Carnage. However she's ultimately taken hostage and is rescued by Spider-Man and Uncle Ben.

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy are best friends going to Midtown High. Gwen is not the comic-canon buxom blond of the series as she is quite frequently portrayed as, but instead, she is a more strong willed, and kind person, harboring deep feelings for her best friend Peter. She also wears glasses, something very different from other incarnations. The show starts with the beginning of Junior Year in high school for Gwen, Stacy, and Harry. There they meet the harsh jocks, including Flash Thompson, annoying cheerleaders, and more so, opportunities all three know are out to get them. Early on, Peter and Gwen both are recommended by their science teachers to go and attend an internship at famous scientist Curt Connors office, ironically the exact place where Peter's good friend and mentor Eddie Brock also holds an internish at. Gwen, Edie, and peter spend many nights working alongside the doctor, but Peter is eventually kicked off the team due to his frequent disappearances and somewhat carelessness towards his Peter Parker duties whilst being Spiderman. Throughout the whole first season, Gwen is shwn to be very fond of Peter, however, often criticizes him about his duties, responsibilites, and frequent 'no-tells.' The first season ends with Gwen kissing Peter on the lips on Thanksgiving night, leaving him surprised.

The second season starts off with Peter ignoring Gwen about their first kiss. The season continues with Peter attempting to choose between cheerleader Liz Allan and his best friend Gwen. Eventually, Peter picks Liz over Gwen, and gwen goes out with harry. Canon slightly makes it's way into the show when Gwen is kidnapped by Venom, and held up high over fifty feet high, paying homage to the Bridge scene from the comics. Spiderman goes after her, sucessfully saving her, and still being able to keep his secret safe. At the end of season two, Spiderman breaks up with Liz Allan, comes to his senses, and takes baby steps to pursue a relationship with Gwen. However, Gwen is still with Harry, and continues to stay with him out of guilt because of Norman Osbourne's so called death. Gwen is still harbouring feelings for Peter, but cannot be with him because of Harry's issues. Season 3 is rumored to be set in a love triangle between Peter, Gwen, and Harry, Harry's struggle with his father's death, Gwen's feelings for Peter getting more serious, Peter realizing his feelings for Gwen are getting more serious, and the introduction to the characters of Hobgoblin and Scorpion.


Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes

Gwen is a team up character in her Spider-Gwen Persona. She was later released as a playable character as a Enhanced Costume for Spider-Man.

From a universe in which Gwen Stacy was bit by the radioactive spider as opposed to Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen has appeared in the recent dimension-crossing Spider-Verse! Spider-Gwen will be swinging into Marvel Heroes as a Team-Up Hero AND an Enhanced costume, allowing players to have her by their side with his web slinging and butt kicking or use the Enhanced costume to play as Spider-Gwen themselves!

She is voiced by Ashley Johnson.

Marvel Avengers Alliance


Spider-Gwen is a playable character in the game, she is available via regular recruitment.

Her bio in the game says: Gwendolyne Stacy comes from a universe where she was bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. Like Spider-Man, Gwen initially used her powers for financial gain by becoming a professional drummer while maintaining a secret identity as “Spider-Woman” and drumming off to the side in her friends’ band, “The Mary Janes.” The Peter Parker of this Earth was bullied quite often, and Gwen often came to his defense, causing Peter to develop an inferiority complex. After Gwen revealed to him that she was Spider-Woman, Peter desired to be special like Gwen and created a serum which turned him into that universe's version of the Lizard. The serum causes Peter to go mad, and Gwen is forced to fight her friend. Due to the serum, Peter dies in the middle of the battle, and Spider-Woman is falsely accused of his murder and is on the run from the authorities. Soon after, Gwen is pulled into the fight against the Inheritors, which spans across the entire Spider-Verse.

Contest of Champions

Contest of Champions

Spider-Gwen is a playable fighter in Contest of Champions.

Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight

Spider-Gwen is a playable character in the game.

Marvel: War of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes

Spider-Gwen appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

  • [Earth-65] Spider-Gwen
  • [Free Spirit] Spider-Gwen


Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen
  • Sideshow Collectibles released a Gwen Stacy statue.
  • Hasbro released a Spider-Gwen figure as part of Absorbing Man "Build-a-Figure" Marvel Legends wave.
  • Kotobukiya released an anime inspired Spider-Gwen statue for the Bishoujo line.

Popular Recognition

Gwen Stacy was ranked 89th in Comic Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.

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