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Guilmon was created from the imagination of Takato Matsuki. When Takato first met Guilmon, he would follow him, around, causing trouble with his curiosity. At first he had difficulty in taming him, but began listening to Takato more as time went on. When Guilmon first Digivolved, he had trouble returning back to his Rookie form.  

He almost destroyed the Digital World when he Digivolved  into is evil Mega form, Megidramon, while he was fighting Beelzemon. Guilmon was one of the Digimon that  helped defeat the rogue program, the D-Reaper. 


Despite being very powerful, Guilmon retains a childlike innoccence, which is sometimes taken advantage of. He likes peanut butter, bread and playing. He doesn't always understand why some humans are afraid of him, no matter how nice he is to them. When Guilmon first met Takato, he thought he was a Digimon and called him "Takatomon."
When a threat is near, Guilmons pupils will narrow and become more aggressive.

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