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I am not exactly sure what to say about this title that I have not said about Grimm Fairy Tales stories before (but I can still repeat myself).  This title has a nice enough story, but the underlying presentation of it is flawed by the framing of it around the usual "something is amiss in Myst" story lines from the series as opposed to the more organic morality tales which the series is also known for.  The Myst based stories are simply not as engaging (though I think some credit is due here as they did not turn this special day into a horror based one like the company does with the Christmas specials.)  This additionally has the problem of presumably not having much relevance to the bigger story lines surrounding the main titles.  However, despite all of this, there is still a decent enough story here.  It is a rather simple story in terms of love and sacrifice and while most of the mystical aspects of the story don't make sense, there is enough of newly introduced characters to make their stories believable.  This is far from the best that Grimm Fairy Tales has to offer, but this is a compact and efficient which does the 14th of February good service.  


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