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Where the first series of the GFT Jungle Book succeeded so well was in the unconventional and generally amazing presentation of a take on the original Kipling source material.  As this second starts starts though a lot of the themes evident in the original series such as the dangers of revenge and the Mowgli's personal growth seem to be gone.  That is they seem to be gone from Mowgli as instead Akili shines here where Mowgli used to hold the spotlight.  Mowgli is shown at times to to almost even unlikable though some of the intricacies of her character still shine through.  I am not so keen on her presentation either as a sex symbol (or as someone that is very sexually desirable) but this aspect is redeemed a little at the end.  Really though after an entire series dedicated to Mowgli, maybe this is time for Akili to shine as she shows the resilience of her tribe (the mongooses) by refusing to give up despite being outmatched.  The series is little hard to predict at the moment, the palpable tension in the first series is gone, but the end result here is still entertaining and better in concept than most of what is available on the market.  

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