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Last of the Wolves

Without exaggeration, this is probably the best comic that I have read this year, and closes off a miniseries that is one of the best that I have ever read.  Nothing less than the word perfect should describe this issue as Mowgli finally comes face to face with those that killed Mother Wolf.  The different layers which make up Mowgli make it one of the more in-depth characters that I have seen developed over a 5 part miniseries.  Here she shows the sides of compassionate mother equally alongside vengeful daughter along with many other characteristics.  With the excellent character development, the final battle is also handled expertly, with maybe one moment of dropping back into cliche, but even then it is rescued again by more of the same great writing that got it this far.  The art is also of a high caliber as is some of the pages within based on their layout.  I highly recommend this series to anyone interested in a great story.  

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It was also one of my favorite reads.

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