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Griffith is the leader of the Band of the Hawk. He has a past fairly shrouded in mystery. There is no mention of parents which leads many to believe him an orphan. He had friends but gave them up in gaining the dream of being king of Midland. Griffith is presented as a flamboyant vision of perfection in the world of Berserk. He roams about in all white upon every battlefield. Many are often captivated by his sheer presence. Griffith eventually found those willing to help achieve his ambitions. These people would fall under Griffith as the Band of the Hawk. Griffith has never really held anyone close to him. He uses everyone around him as pawn to further his path to greatness. He had a certain governor of Chudor that believed Griffith and himself had something special. Griffith coldly explained using the man to get funds for his army. Princess Charlotte is another victim of Griffith's ambition. She believes Griffith truly loves her unaware she is key to him truly ruling all as Midland as heir to the throne. Caska was long infacuated with Griffith as he aided her escape a lecherous man that bought her from her family. Caska is the only one that breaks free of Griffith's charms to find someone that really cares for her. Finally there was Guts who Griffith seemed to actually care about and see as a best friend time after time. Caska noticed more than others that Griffith held Guts over many in the Band of Hawk for much longer periods. It was in fact the departure of Guts that drastically altered Griffith's judgement. Guts was key to Griffith's rise during the 100 year war. Guts took care of all the dirty work from the shadows. Guts had actually became more a crutch as Griffith felt hopelessly lost without him. Griffith eventually becomes more than a man. He is considered the Messiah in the world of Berserk. People now flock to his ranks humans and demons alike. Since Griffith's return as a member of the Godhand he talks seldomly now. He seems to have regressed his personality to the state it was before meeting Guts.

The Band of the Hawk

Griffith's formation of the Hawks has never been mentioned. It is known that since its founding by Griffith. The Band of the Hawk had never been defeated. Griffith shows militant genius that gets him and his men recognized by all. Griffith is the sole benefactor of the Hawks. He has been revealed to do anything neccessary to provide funds for his men. Griffith already had Casca, Corkus, Pippin, Judeau, and Rickett in his ranks. Caska was his second in command and followed Griffith's orders without fail. Griffith meets Guts after Corkus led a failed ambush. Guts was about to start killing the Hawks when Griffith intervened to save Caska. Guts proved the most relentless foe Griffith ever faced. It surprised many of bystanding Hawks. Ultimately Griffith would prevail and felt he now owned Guts and added him to his ranks. Griffith soon puts Guts in a critical situation to guard the rear flank of the Hawks where he could have easily escaped. Afterward Griffith spends alot of time talking with Guts over alot of things.

Over the years Griffith would be known as the White Hawk on the battlefield. He always rides at the front of his troops unlike most commanders that never went into direct combat. This also gains the attention from the army of Midland and more important the king himself. Griffith is around his twenties when he is knighted by the king. Many of the noble knights were against the rising of a mercenary into the ranks of knighthood. Griffith's first mission as a knight was to secure an enemy supply base. This would lead Caska and Guts to encountering Adon, captain of the Blue Whale Knights. Adon set his own base on fire to prevent Grifffith from gaining it as an outpost. Luckily Guts broke ranks and discovered the preset trap that would have killed Griffith who rode at the forefront. Griffith was still praised for ridding the army of the enemy supply base. Afterwards Griffith and his crew would gain heavy losses and facing Nosferatu Zodd. Ricket had told Griffith of the immortal that had been around since the beginning of the hundrend year war. Griffith decided to proceed into the enemy stronghold where Guts had already been fighting Zodd. He join Guts to deal injury to the demonic creature. This only excited Zodd which lead to a crushing blow that seriously injures Griffith. Zodd spares Guts and Griffith due to the Crimson Behelit about Griffith's neck. Zodd gives a dark prophecy of Griffith's destroyed beliefs leading only to death for all.

Capture and Torture

After Griffith has sex with Princess Charlotte, the King of Midland has him captured and tortured. Griffith is reduced to a shell of his former self. All his muscle and tendons are ripped off, and his helmet is bound to his face. When Guts returns to the Band of the Hawk, he immediatly leaves with Casca, Pippin, and Rickert to save Griffith. After battling assassins and escpaing, the King of Midland resorts to drasrtic measures. He sends the outcast Wyald and the feared Black Dog Knights after them. After a protracted battle, the Black Dogs are routed and Wyald alone combats the Hawk. However, he is secretly an Apostle, and in the midst of fighting Guts, Wyald takes his Apostle form.

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