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Is the young heir Jupiter Assante really dead? That's the official word to the world at large, while in fact Grendel arrives with Jupiter in Africa. There they encounter tainted river water and some not-so-friendly natives. While the politics heat up stateside, Grendel goes mano a mano against King Kong's double! It's another exciting chapter in this final Grendel saga as we journey to Africa with the "Devil on the Veldt"!

Dazed and exhausted, Grendel and Jupiter finally make it to the African coast after two full weeks of exposure on the open water. Grendel stops at a river to take a drink, but is caught off-guard by a tranquilizer administered upstream. When Grendel finally awakes he is in the care of an African tribe that is true to the words of Grendel Kahn. They give them assistance and allow them to get on their way. Meanwhile Laurel Kennedy is increasingly stressed by the demands of her job and planning for the mourning of her step-son. Heath begins to subtly take over for her, and Crystal Kennedy continues to be frustrated with her mother.

Traveling through the mountains, Grendel is stopped by a mountain tribe and is forced to fight off a mountain gorilla to continue to make their way. The tribe does not continue to fight, but instead shouts to the Grendel that he will be exposed to the rest of the world.

This issue also includes a recap of the life of the third Grendel, Brian Li Sung.

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